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Your guide to an unlimited, self crafted year

2021 Lunation Annual Planner is here!

The Lunation Annual Planner is the diary for visionary people who desire to create a life that sets you free.

back cover Lunation Annual Planner

This planner is for anyone who’s annoyed with not having enough space to record appointments and needs of the day, along with important lunar and seasonal information. It’s for you if you’re tired of empty, useless pages in other journals. If your life is full of loose to-do lists, reminders ad goal sheets – this is the solution!

This diary could change your life!

Really though, it’s much more than a diary. Firstly it’s a Planner because it holds dates and times and events. Secondly, the Lunation Annual Planner provides a formula to create your vision, reach your targets and actualise your desires. It takes you through the steps to plan a focused, intentional, awesome life every day in little time, and with ease.

Drawing on the Rhythm of Life : cycles of nature and human evolution, the Planner supports the architecture of your day, including evidence-based methodology for easy organisation, motivation, healthy habits and success. If you have a vision, you need a Lunation Annual Planner!



Lunation Annual Planner



2021 Lunation Annual Planner

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| $58 includes shipping with a personal note from Hollie |

the visionary solution for balancing your Doing with Being




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Drawing on the Rhythm of Life : a map for Self Crafting.

You already know the map – it’s the story of the ebb and flow of nature : the seasons. Certainly, the map may not look familiar straight away because it’s based on nature’s cycles instead of human-made programs.

Sacred Productivity

I created this to be the diary / calendar / planning device I’ve always wanted, and it has utterly changed my life! All the un-useful crap that they usually put in diaries has been removed, instead including all the elements that encourage a creative, visionary soul to keep focused with ease.

Balance the Doing with the Being

The layout and methods in this planner are exactly what I use to balance my busy life, as a home educating, animal herding, off-grid living, entrepreneuring, soulful housewifing, craft obsessed mama. I’ve condensed the system all in one place and I can share it with you!

In developing this planner I thought about exactly how I like to relate to the earth, the moon and the sun, and built the pages to include reminders and gentle tips for how to live in flow with the natural rhythms of life, specific to each day. As well, the journey for making your vision into reality is stepped out throughout the pages. It’s a workbook for creating a life that sets you free!

Everyday a Journey to your Vision

This is a daily diary with plenty of space for planning, appointments, reminders, affirmations and self-accountability journalling that allows you to flow with the rhythm of the moment, without trapping you into overwhelming to-do lists and routine.

The planner travels the energies of the moon and seasons to support you to get what you need done in a way that feeds your inner needs and expands your outer world.

The Lunation Annual Planner makes it easier than

ever to create a life that sets you free.


Included :

  • Daily
    • circle planning
    • tips for aligning with the flow – for your emotions, relationships, activities and health
    • Lunar and Solar phases
    • personal cycle check-in
  • Seasonal attributions
  • Astrological significances
  • Guided planning to help meet your targets and broader vision
  • Guided self-accountability and gratitude rituals

Comes with a how-to-use-this-planner supplement so that you can learn the circle plan method and understand other ideas included in the planner.

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere (U.S., Europe, Canada etc.) please read this link first.


This is a professionally printed book, available in one size

  • 8×10 inch soft cover paperback

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Lunation Annual Planner

2021 Lunation Annual Planner

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Turbo Boost your Sacred Productivity with the

40 Day Planner Challenge

Could you trade 10-20 minutes each day, for 40 days, to spend a little time with me (online) and your Planner, to turbo boost your Sacred Productivity and make your Big Wild Dreams real..?

40 Day Planner Challenge online course

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Get the course with or without a Planner

Start the 40 Day Planner Challenge to turbo boost your Sacred Productivity and create a life that sets you free.
You will receive your course as a daily subscription to your email inbox.
You can also join our Facebook Group, where each of the Daily Units are posted for you to go through in your own time.
The course starts one week before the New Moon, each month.
If you purchase at anytime through the month, you will be added to the list to begin on the appropriate date.




A video about using the Planer

My friend Bec asked for some advice about how she could use her Lunation Annual Planner, so we made a video to respond to questions for everyone!

Complete with classic Hollie B. hand expressions and messy camp kitchen in the background; hopefully we inspire you to get the most out of your Planner.

Thanks to Bec’s sis Emma and nephew Jimmy for dual filming responsibilities. And deep gratitude to Bec for her willingness to be filmed, dirt and all.

If you have any other questions about using Lunation Annual Planner, post them below.

In the video we talk about my Rhythm of Life book
and the Planner Supplement

and the word Awweeesssoomme

For the Planner Supplement with in-depth, best practice info for living with the Rhythm go here >>>


Here’s a letter from a Lunation Annual Planner return purchaser :

She asked for the letter to be published anonymously, and I reckon you can hear her joy even without her name :

Hi Hollie!

I’ve been meaning to get in touch for days, since you dropped my new planner off. Thank you so much for getting it to me so promptly, you’re amazing!
I love the new smaller format. It’s so much more manageable – I can curl up on the couch with it more comfortably, and probably will start taking it places with me, which I hadn’t before.
As I’ve told you,

I feel like the 2017 planner was pretty damn instrumental in helping me get myself back to…well, myself,

following a really tough period for me and my family. I was out of work (not really by choice), at home with young kids, and 2017 had been looming ahead of me feeling very empty and scary. I always used a diary but all of a sudden my life didn’t seem to match the regimentation of a traditional diary format, which just made me feel like a lost cause. Sounds silly now, but in my headspace at the time it was really detrimental. Your planner, however, takes such a wonderful holistic view of everything, without singling out and giving undue importance to any one aspect of life or time of day (such as ‘9 to 5’), and without assuming everyone’s life takes the same pattern. It represents life in its fullness. That was very empowering for me. It pares back to the essentials. The sun comes up, the sun goes down. The seasons change. Everything else is details.
Anyhow, as you know, at the start of 2017 I set to work on the 50 ‘dreams’ I had for the year. I listed 40. And, one of the first I had listed was to participate in the xxx in Canberra. Only a fortnight later, before I had done anything at all, the organiser contacted me! Out of the blue! And asked me to be a mentor for them. I was blown away, and so stoked! Maybe pure coincidence, sure, but it felt like something had shifted. And my confidence grew from there.

Looking back tonight, I crossed off eleven of those 40 dreams.

That’s almost one a month! And some of them were pretty major, like ‘get a cat’ (yay!) and ‘get a job’, and ‘have six pieces of writing published’.
The planner gave me all the momentum I could want, and my empty, bleak and intimidating year became full of surprises and possibilities.
That is to say, here we are at the start of 2018. On New Years Eve I went to a party, by myself, sans kids. I had amazing conversations, walked under a misty moon and slept in a tent, happy. Two days later I quit my job (the one I thought I wanted so badly!), after weeks of deliberation. So 2018 is looking as uncertain as ever (how will I support my family?! How will I get back on track with my career and not fade into obscurity?) But it’s not scary in the least – it’s exciting, and it’s mine.
Thank you for everything so far. I hope to see you in person sometime soon.”

~ Anon. (NSW, Australia)

May the Lunation Annual Planner bless you with as many gifts as my townie-friend above!

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Love you,

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