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Choose Your Mission

  While a Vision Statement outlines the future imaginings of how your Big Wild Dreams will come to be, a Mission Statement describes what happens everyday. What do you want to do now,... READ MORE

Lunation Annual Planner

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Your guide to an unlimited, self crafted year 2020 Planner is here! The Lunation Annual Planner is the diary for busy people who desire to create a life that sets you free. Drawing... READ MORE

Cycles generate The Rhythm

Effective Self Crafting is a deep experiential (and intellectual) study of the cyclical tapestry of life. Nature is cycles and we (humans) are nature. The cycles, although they differ in length and breadth,... READ MORE

The Year That Was

aka The Power of Tracking The art of crafting your Big Wild Dreams real, is determined by a cyclical approach, beginning with your Vision and mapped by the Rhythm of Life. The same... READ MORE

Rhythm of Life : a map for Self Crafting
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