Are you looking for someone who can help you live your best, anxiety-free life right now?

You can  balance everything that’s meaningful to you, even if your list of ‘to-dos’ and ‘want-to-haves’ seems never ending.


If you’re a person who

  • often feels more overwhelmed than productive
  • constantly goes between inspirational-world-changing-momentum to collapse-on-the-bathroom-floor-moment with little peace between
  • wants to stop the chaos and get in rhythm with your Purpose
  • struggles with a sense of not doing, being or living enough
  • has noticed yourself pulling away from loved ones
  • worries about a lot of things
  • is sure there must be more to life than what the mainstream offers
  • is ready to make a change!



Self Crafting could be a good fit if:

  • you’d love to create a meaningful life with more Purpose
  • you’ve been thinking you ‘should’ find someone to talk to about your anxieties and concerns, but just never seem to get around to it
  • you’ve been disappointed by therapists and coaches in the past, and are not sure about starting sessions with someone else (ie. Is it just going to be the same ol’ shite all over again?)
  • you like the idea of being able to balance the everyday-have-tos with the dreamy-would-love-tos – without strict routines, schedules or… worse yet, homework!


Hi, I’m Hollie Bakerboljkovac, a Counsellor and Coach for people who desire to live an authentic, ethical, sustainable life where dreams are made into reality.


The Institute for Self Crafting is a place to learn how to be content in both visionary, inspired future possibilities and the most mundane, must do, always-get-in-the-way elements of a life well lived.


Simple pleasures and unlimited, empowered possibility CAN go hand in hand.


We might adore each other if:

  • you’re a rebel to ‘the System’
  • you prefer natural, ethical, everything that respects the Earth
  • you’re pro-choice and free-speech
  • you love nature, animals and the seasons – or at least, you wish you could love it
  • you support locally grown produce, makers and people with integrity and hate  the idea of big business crushing the little guy (or gal)
  • you appreciate inclusion and believe everyone has a right to be whoever and whatever they want to be
  • you like chocolate… ( you’ll find out why that matters if you go to the Program page )


Your journey starts here.

Hollie Bakerboljkovac



Don’t worry! You haven’t stumbled into a den of impossibly positive la-di-da spruking that goes nowhere with someone who has a nice looking website but no real experience…

In fact, you’ve arrived in a place where you will find tools you can use immediately to untangle your messy mind and put you exactly where you desire to be.

You can find out more about the people I work with here >>>

You can find out more about the promises I make to people I work with here >>>


If you could get out of the cycle on your own,

you would have by now.


I can help you speed up the process and make change for the better, with lasting results.


Let’s talk.



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