About the seasons, the moon and where you live

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lunationEverything at the Institute is written by me, Hollie B., an Australian mama who has spent her entire life in the Southern Hemisphere.

Northern Hemisphere inhabitants are sometimes surprised to hear that those of us down south don’t celebrate the seasons at the same time as y’all up the top side of the world. When it’s Spring here, it’s Autumn there, and viceversa.

In Australia, we are used to this knowledge, because every book we purchase from the north has to be decoded and re-jigged to make sense from our point of view. We change dates, directions and elements to make sense to our geographical part of the world. It’s an important rite of passage for all students of nature centred philosophy, when this understanding has become so ingrained in our understanding, that it becomes easy to decode.

Our sun rises in the East, but it is at its fullest at midday in the NORTH, setting in the west. So, because we follow the rhythm of the sun AND the moon, you will find that all of my circles and directions travel with the sun – starting in the East, moving to the North and around it goes. The sun is hottest when it is in the north, and also I mark the seasonal year so that Summer is at the top of any circle, since “North is up” is our culturally conditioned way of looking at things.

Similarly, our moon phases look different. You may be used to seeing the infamous symbol of the phases of the moon drawn like this : )0( But in Australia, how we actually view our moon’s phases in the sky looks like this : (0) So that the waxing crescent is cured inward to the filling moon, and the waning moon looks the same as the northern waxing moon. I know, crazy right!?

So, when you are coming from above the equator and you are reading any of my work, you will have to decode it for your place in the world.

There is currently no intention of launching a Northern Hemisphere LAP version.

For more info and to understand this stuff better here are some links :

National Geographic : Seasons

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Does the Moon look the same all round the world?

May you continue to fall in love with the moon, wherever you are in the world…








Love you,

Mrs Hollie Bakerboljkovac PACFA Reg. Clinical 25488

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