How do real women like us, who are ready for a bigger and better world, who have busy lifestyles and busier aspirations, who are ethical, wholehearted and authentic, live a life of unlimited, unbound potential, full of creativity and everything you dream could be possible?

That’s the question, and the Rhythm can be your answer…

Hi, I’m Hollie Bakerboljkovac, an off-grid bus living, hands-free parenting, outdoor obsessed, real food eating, constantly moving wife and mama with a passion for unbound and unlimited life. I’ve created a life where I get to do the work I love, see the clients I’m perfectly suited to work with, and use my free time to craft more joy. My passion is to share what I know so that everyone else can also create a life that sets you free.

The Rhythm Model is a framework for making sense of everything! It informs the highs and lows, ebbs and flows of life in all it’s cyclical wonder.

If you’re constantly working at balancing your magickal world of
intention with the everyday needs of a modern lifestyle,
the Rhythm could be that which you’ve been seeking.

The Rhythm is the map for Self Crafting, and it’s especially suited for people who know there’s more to life than what the current mainstream paradigm promotes.

Self Crafting is the action of creating a life that sets you free.

Self Crafters are people who walk with integrity, live autonomously and show up over and over as the contribution we came to this world to be. I call us R.E.b.E.L.s and we are the ones who are leading the change. We believe in magick, intention, and the power of our true, authentic wild Self. It’s a vision to live in a world that values realationship with our individual optimal Self.

Welcome to the Rhythm of Life… I’m stoked that you’re here!

The following video is a presentation I gave in April, 2019. It explains the Rhythm and how we can understand the inter and intrarelated cycles that show up in our own lives to get the most benefit of flow.




Links mentioned in the video :


Storetelling for Persephone and the Seasons on Youtube

A clip from a workshop presented in 2017 where I tell the full Kore/Persephone story.


Ceremonies for Rites of Passage : shifting life cycles 

I am a Ceremony Woman who loves to work with women who are shifting from one phase of life to another. I work with girls transitioning to womanhood, women transitioning to married life, women in menopausal phase. I also hold space for all beginnings and endings (the Mysteries : life, death and everything between.


Cycles for Men

This article about the many cycles in our internal experience, will help to shed light on how anyone who doesn’t have a menstrual cycle can work with your own Cycles to find your own Rhythm.


Rhythm of Life ebook

This is a free ebook for subscribers to the Institute for Self Crating email list. It describes the Rhythm in (some of) it’s many layers and is an excellent accompaniment to the video.


Lunation Annual Planner

The diary with Rhythm. For people who desire to be balanced and organised in alignment with the ebb and flow of life. Based on the Rhythm, this planner works on 100% cyclical methods for daily planning, seasonal planning and long life planning to make your Big Wild Dreams real.


Self Crafted Wellness Radio

For people who celebrate and revel in health and wellness knowledge. The show focuses on arming listeners with the most cutting edge information on circadian biology, ancestral wisdom and mitochondrial function. We promise that listening to us will give you the edge you’re looking for.


Wise Gatherings

For all seekers who believe that the preservation of traditional wisdom is a key to a sustainable and beauty-full world. Whether you’d prefer an educational lecture, a professional conference or a spiritual retreat, we have an event that will serve your search for knowledge and help you to reach unlimited potential.  Wise Gatherings is a purveyor of quality events promoting the spreading of traditional wisdom, holistic living and the Mysteries. We offer various entry points for anyone who desires a community of authentic wisdom keepers and seekers.


Braidwood Holistic Therapies

For anyone who knows they have Wellness room to improve. This is my Wellness Facility where I see clients for Integrative Therapy and Coaching. Dealing with the five health pillars from the Self Crafted Wellness Protocol : Mental Health, Environmental Health, Emotional Health, Physical Health and Spiritual Health. BHT promises to deliver services that you can use to blow out the blocks in your life, immediately. Offering private sessions and groups in person or online. You can also get our 6 Ways to Wellness free online course when you sign up to the BHT email list.


Movement Sessions

Motion classes are for people who would like to move better to live better. Combining Natural and Functional Movement, High Intensity Training, Corrective Exercise and recovery techniques with the Self Crafted Wellness Protocol and The Rhythm, this is the class you’ve been waiting for. I teach Motion classes 3x per week from my Wellness Facility Braidwood Holistic Therapies, and will travel for workshops.


Self Crafted Wellness Journal

For anyone ready to take on their Wellness in their own time, own space and in a way that best suits your lifestyle right now. I wrote this book based on the Self Crafted Wellness Protocol, which is the Rhythm-based way to get increased mitochondrial function and live the best quality of life you possibly can.




Want to talk more about your cycles?

If you’re interested in using the Rhythm to get the most out of the quality of your life (the definition of Wellness), you might like to book a session. I can help you disrupt problematic patterns and upregulate the beneficial ones so that you can be all you can be. Book here >>>