The Year That Was

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aka The Power of Tracking

The art of crafting your Big Wild Dreams real, is determined by a cyclical approach, beginning with your Vision and mapped by the Rhythm of Life.

The same map for getting through your day, week or season, may be used to traverse the journey of visioning, activating and making real all your hopes and dreams. There’s a process involved, guided by the exact same process nature uses for everything that’s born, grows to abundance and transitions to death.

And like a ripened fruit that falls to the ground only to sprout from it’s own seeds again, your Big Wild Dreams have more than one chance to live and grow.

Reflection is required at the end of any cycle to complete the actualisation process, and to affirm what’s still to be done. Tracking provides a feedback loop, whereby the cycle that was, is witnessed with a different perspective. That which lived has come to an end, and all that dies can be reborn.

This is why ‘tracking’ has such an important role in Self Crafting. Self Crafting refers to the work of creating an unlimited, unbound life of your empowered choice. It’s awareness that creates choice. So to be aware, you must pay attention to that which has been, has become, and is still becoming.

What gets attention, gets made real

Tracking is an act of Wisdom Weaving, whereby you notice your milestones, acknowledge the wonders, grieve the losses and identify the blocks that have been in your way.

Without tracking, most people will continue to follow the same worn paths of the past, never shifting to a better, more fulfilling or more authentic place in life. It’s difficult to know whether you’re on the best path, if you never look at the path you’re on!

Tracking, measuring, reflecting and paying attention are ways to witness your own story, and gives you the opportunity to reshape the edges that you’re not so keen on. Want a new job, or a baby, or your dream house? Vision it, activate it, and build on your vision. The tiny, everyday steps you achieve feel like not much at all while they’re happening, then, when you look back over the course of your year, you find out you achieved more than you ever expected…. that’s the magick.

Built in tracking methods

All of my journals/planners are designed to allow you to regularly check-in and pay attention to your journey. You don’t just aim at targets without checking if you actually hit the boss (that’s the big hay stack where your target is stuck on)… The linear world sees a hill that is forever climbable. Getting to the top means you’ve made it, and the only way from there is to fall back down. This is our modern culture’s idea of hopes and dreams – when you get one, keep striving for the next – and if you fell in a hole, you better get up and get going… you could climb forever…

On the other hand, the cyclical point of view allows for building, growing, maintaining and rest periods. The hill that was linear becomes a spiral, where you travel a path that, where it ends, will open to an entirely new possibility. When you take pause, you are not the same person as before. The next phase forward is on a new level. The You who completed that cycle is better resourced than old You, and the now You looks forward to meeting the You at the completion of the next round. That which was dreamed, became real. Which allows you to hold the next Dreaming : one weaves it’s way into the other.

In target-speak, the cyclical journey is one where you aim at your targets, shoot the arrows you’ve got, check the boss, then decide what will be different in the next round.


The power of Reflection

By witnessing what has been, we can choose a new target, or get more precise with the original vision. In this way, like in spinning yarn, every choice can be witnessed, and the choices we make decide how the future will be created. What has been can be seen, in that which was already spun. And there is always choice to dream a new reality for the next weaving.

Reflection is more beneficial when it is practiced without judgment. Can you witness what has been without the automatic head space that could come with it? You have a choice to witness the past with a recognition that casts no judgment on your value as an individual. Can you see the past as events that occurred? And will you move forward from the authentic awareness you now have, rather than the triggers of stories gone by..?

Reflection is also about witnessing without the need to change what has been. You can’t change it – it’s already happened. Be grateful there’s another cycle coming in which you can refine your choices. Choice creates awareness. You can’t have awareness without choice.


Wisdom Kept

You didn’t know what you didn’t know before, and now you know more. So act from the more. Be the contribution acting from the larger awareness that you now live from. Truly, you’re actually an infinite, cosmic being who can create anything you imagine. So own that. Be it. Do it.

Weaving your Wisdom is an aspect of Self Crafting, along with Wisdom Keeping. Once you know, you know. Show up in the world from there.

Tracking, journalling, noticing and paying attention to your cycles are ways to gain wisdom. They are all preceded by choice. You will be Wisdom Keeping if you use that new awareness to contribute to the world.

You are now more aware than you were at the beginning of this cycle. The world needs you to show up with that awareness, because you’ll make choices from that place, and that benefits us all!


The Cycle That Was

At the end of each year in the Lunation Annual Planner, you are invited to witness and reflect on your year. Questions can help with noticing. Take notes. Draw pictures. Make this time count.

And do it before the new year bounces in. You know how easy it is to lose track of yourself… right?


Did you have a theme for this year? What was it?

In the Lunation Annual Planner, you are invited to claim a theme for your year on the Year Target page. Check back. What was it? Was it relevant? Did something else become more important?

What was your best triumph this year?

What are you most proud or happy to have achieved or completed? What did you do that you hadn’t done before?

How many items did you cross off your Big Wild Dreams list this year? How many of your items don’t matter anymore?

In the Lunation Annual Planner you’re invited at the beginning of the year to list your blessings and your Big Wild Dreams. Some may have been simple and some may be bigger projects… what’s still important? What has changed and why?

What one word describes your Self Crafting this year?

If you had to bottle it : the essence of your journey this year.

What was the most beneficial change or contribution you made for your Self this year?

Self Crafting is about choice and changing what wasn’t working before. No one else can do it for you (that’s why the first word is Self)

What is your biggest piece of unfinished Self Crafting business this year?

You know what you desired, and what changed, and where you were blocked. Get real about that now. It’s not about excuses, just noticing.

Who were the four people with the greatest impact on your Self Crafting this year?

We are shaped by our relationships. Maia Nie Heya.

What important aspect of realationship improved this year?

How have you shown up in the world that you weren’t before.

What do you know about your Self, that you didn’t know before?


What compliment would you have liked to receive this year but didn’t?

This is the things you wish people were seeing about you, or you wish you were doing even though you aren’t. If no one told you, is it because you weren’t doing it, or do you just spend your time with shitty people who don’t acknowledge your brilliance?

What compliment would you have liked to given, but didn’t?

And why?

What else do you need to do or say to complete the year?

What will it take to commit to your Self wholly, next year?


Now notice your many accomplishments, your new awarenesses and that which is important today. Feel free to throw out any ideas that no longer serve your needs. And keep your notes for posterity. Tracking includes looking over the cycles of many years too….

Love you,

The article The Year That Was was published by Hollie B., for the Institute for Self Crafting.

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