Harvesting your Big Wild Dreams

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When it comes to your Vision, it’s your Big Wild Dreams that help take aim. I talk about your Vision in the language of a target, not a goal.

A goal is a certain allocated space that you must hit in order to achieve the desired outcome. With a goal, there’s no room for mistakes, changes or new understanding. Once you decide on a goal, then you have to achieve exactly that to be happy, and you will be sure to only create things that will make that goal happen, and nothing outside of it.

But what about all the other possibilities? A goal doesn’t allow you to include new information or energy that might come along. You still have to get that goal, even if the information has changed.

So I like the term “target”. A target is a general area you need to hit, but you don’t have to hit right in the centre to have made it. Just hitting somewhere in the vicinity is a good start, then you can realign, refocus and aim again. By then, the target might have moved a few inches in either direction but that’s okay, because you are including all the new possibilities in your refocus for the next aim. Simply, it allows room for movement and takes the limiting pressures away.

So, in the harvest season, it’s time to check in with your Big Wild Dreams. Revisit your list of the great and wondrous things you desire to do, and notice the targets you’ve already hit. Perhaps some didn’t show up exactly as you thought they would (they never do!) so you didn’t notice they’d actually happened… Reflect upon what it will take to take aim at the others. Or not, because your information and awareness and possibilities may have changed. And that’s perfect.

Sometimes we can get so bogged into the story of “want to create” that we don’t realise it’s all been happening before our very eyes. Taking active steps (aiming at your target) throughout the creation process means there will always be something to show for it later. Acknowledge how close you have come, and how many times you’ve already hit your target!

Flowing with the Rhythm of Life means seeds of possibility are often planted in the dark, quiet, gentle times of your own cycles, the Winter. At these times, you dream into your Vision and emerge with the whispers of “what it will take”. At this time, it’s not about Doing, it’s simply about Being the awareness of what it will take to make your Vision a reality.

The excitement and new desires are the Spring of your cycle. Some people call it “manifesting” but the definition of “manifest” is “how it becomes”. When you say to the world “I want to manifest xyz” You are saying “I lack (definition of want is “lack”) how it becomes xyz”.

The “how” is not important when you work from a place of taking aim. Words and their definitions matter because they hold energy. Use the word “desire” instead of “want”, and “actualise” instead of “manifest”. The work of manifesting comes from a habit our society has developed in controlling the how. Stop trying to control the nitty-gritty, get on with aiming for your Big Wild Dreams, and allow the Universe to work out the how for you. The seeds sprout when you live your own desires : your Vision. You are creating your own reality by living it in the moment.

Summer is the bursting forth of fruit and blossom. It’s the time of your own cycle when your Vision is ripening fast! You may find you check off many of your Big Wild Dreams at these times. It’s busy and full of action. There is much celebration and union with others who share your Vision and with whom you can work Big Wild Dreams together.

As in all cycles, the rhythm must again change, and after the great push of intense energy, things cool, the leaves change colour and it is time to harvest all that you’ve been creating. This transformational time is the Autumn of your cycle, where you may step away and witness the great changes that have occurred. It is the actualisation phase, where you see your desires made real.

Does that mean February is too late to achieve my Vision?

If you visioned up a New Year’s Creation in January, don’t believe that it’s all over already! The Rhythm of Life teaches us that all things are cyclical. As the wheel turns, our own awareness is deeper, so that the cycle is ever spiralling. The big sun has turned to the season of Autumn, and we feel this in all of Nature, but it’s not yet over; the cycle goes on. Our rhythms are forever spiralling, reflecting, filling with abundance, actualising and letting go.

The Autumn Harvest asks you to take stock of what has been achieved and received, as well as to reflect on your desires for the future. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the “wanting of xyz”, and work for it ongoing. Yet, it’s important to stop once in a while and check in with that which is created so far. This is the process of witnessing the actualisation. The Universe looks after the How, and you take care of the Do.

Set fresh eyes on your target. Are you aiming where you think you “should” be due to ideas you had back in the Winter, or are you aiming with the awareness of Now?

Ask : What do I desire? Is this the Vision of my deepest heart’s desire? What will it take at this time to actualise my Vision? What can I Do or Be differently that I have never thought of before, that if I do and be it, will achieve my Big Wild Dreams right away?

May your Big Wild Dreams be the reality that sings to your Vision, and may all your desires come true.





Love you,

Mrs Hollie Bakerboljkovac PACFA Reg. Clinical 25488

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