Your Journal will help us in our endeavours with my family, and I am truly thankful.

journal_1“Dearest Hollie

I have just downloaded your Journal, and wow, it is so fabulous and just perfect for us right now.  I can’t thank you enough.  I will certainly be coming back to your store and purchasing some more goodies very soon.

My youngest son, who is 14, has had a lot of anxiety issues around high school since August last year, and he has been unable to attend school.  This week we have taken the plunge to start homeschooling him, and I am so glad that we are doing this.  The school system is not suited to our boy and my eldest who is 16, is struggling with it too as he starts year 11 this year.  He might be joining Matthew at this stage.  I know you are a home educator yourself, and I totally think this rocks that so many people are moving away from main stream and moving towards a more natural way of life.  I’ve been watching you bloom for a number of years now, and I would love to be able to pack up and move out to the country.  It’s a dream of mine, and something that one day may be a reality.

Your Journal will help us in our endeavours with my son and family, and I am truly thankful.

Love and Blessings

Sylvia xxx”


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