You’re a person who wants more than a mediocre life, but are often overwhelmed by the life you’re living!

That could mean a person who identifies as having anxiety or trauma, or simply a desperate desire for something MORE – more passion, more purpose, more freedom, more of the best parts of life, and less of the stuff that holds you back…


Your story might go something like this:

  • You’re usually a person who’s able to achieve great things without a lot of effort
  • You love to do lots of different things at once ( it ignites you! )
  • You have big imaginings and the bigger the task, the more likely you are to throw yourself into it…
  • .. which works really well, until it doesn’t…
  • …at which time you burn out, crash and it takes everything you’ve got to get back on track
  • Meanwhile, as you’re restocking after the crash, you know you’re not being the best worker/parent/housewife/contributor/insert-whatever-other-high-value-role you could be
  • So you beat yourself up, laying awake at 3am proving to yourself all the ways you suck and you’ll never be as good as whoever it is that you’ve decided is perfect and way better than you…
  • If you’re really on a roll, you’ll jump on the Socials, to remind yourself of all the ways you’re not stacking up compared to other people who are clearly actual  achievers and making effective contributions to the world while you’re never going to amount to anything…
  • You’ll probably spend the next day, or week in a slump, not bothering with anything and proving to yourself why you’re obviously a failure…
  • Only to eventually wake up one day, with renewed ‘will power,’ and try to take on whichever big task makes you feel the most productive and potent again…

Recognise any of that?

If so, you probably also recognise it as a cycle that you’ve repeated for some time.


If you could get out of the cycle on your own,
you would have by now.


Are you :

  • willing to be more than mediocre?
  • tired of the status quo?
  • looking for a magickal, intention-filled REAL life of awesomeness?
  • unsure of how to actually have a balanced life?
  • ready to embrace change?


You could find a little more about You on this page >>>


Whatever you want to achieve in this life,

  • Create beautiful things that may or may not change the world
  • Get your finances in order and  keep your kitchen tidy
  • Care for your own health even when caring for others
  • Make peace with your “issues”
  • Develop relationships with people who inspire you
  • Strengthen your body and your mind
  • Live an unlimited and unbound life of empowered choice


I hope you’ll find my offerings, whether they be Sessions, the Planner or courses to be of support and inspiration, whatever you’re creating in the world. And be sure to check out all the articles in the blog, which have plenty of free info that will be of assistance.