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It will be awweeesssooomme to see you at Wise Women Gathering, where I will be dropping the elements of Self Crafting everywhere I go.

As well as mentoring the teen camp, I’m racking up a stall this year to sell my wares.

Being the beginning of the calendar year, I’ll have plenty Self Crafted Publishing items available, designed to help you create a life that sets you free. Including :

for creative, busy women to keep in rhythm with all the ebbs and flows the year will bring

for teens and women who love to track their rhythm, without the need for epic planning

for creating optimal You, everyday this year – and for anyone who makes New Year’s Creation plans

  • and heaps of other items (including sacred tools for the working shamanka)

This Gathering is one of my favourite events of the year, because it’s blooming with amazing women who are passionate about co-creatively living well.

And, just to add to the rad-ness, this year will see a Wise Men’s Gathering only a few kilometres away, so while the women do our work, the men will do their own. I love love love this! #visionbecomesreal

For anyone attending, you can receive a special gift at my stall by mentioning that you read this article! Tell me you saw this when you are purchasing an item at the Self Crafting stall, and I’ll give you a prezzie!

See you at the Gathering!

Love you,

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