How do I know if Hollie is the right person for me?

What about scheduling a 20 minute session where you can meet me, we can have a quick chat about what you’re looking for and, we can decide whether we are the best fit for each other?

This 20 minute session is via Skype.

I’m a Women’s Counsellor specialising in

Wellness Coaching >>>

Authenticity Mentoring >>>

Group Sessions including Red Tent >>>

Rites of Passage >>>

Menstrual Education >>>

I’m passionate about sharing tools with women that help you to create a life that sets you free!

During our 20 minute session, we can talk about your aims and what you desire to achieve. Then we will know which type of session would be best for you if/when you decide to continue.

Try Me
Try Me
Join me for a twenty minute session to find out if we are a good match. All sessions are via Skype.
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I’d love to meet you and find out what is possible!

Love you,

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