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to mend the wounds of becoming and being Woman

for Women of all ages

We live in a society that does not effectively celebrate the changing cycles, yet the rite of passage between daughter to woman is a sacred time of becoming.

Many women have experienced journeys of loss, separation and pain into and ongoing through Womanhood. Without strong communities we often feel alone, as though there’s something missing. Others have experiences of negative female relationships, and life long patterns of discontent with the physical and emotional experience of Being Woman. We have lost our Sistarhood.

This Gateway work aims to release and heal the wounds that were constructed at your rite of passage into menarche (first blood). We will explore your relationship to the cycles, your relationship to your body and your relationship with other women.

The work occurs via three sessions over two weeks, where you will meet with a group of women who share the same desire for healing and deeper connection with Sistarhood.

How this work shows up :

Session #1 : Saturday 27th May
Group Work at The Place in The Wilde
9:30am – 4:00pm
A session where we explore the wounds that surround your Womanhood journey, and share stories and wisdom in the group. Includes shamanic journeying, and other Hollie B. style awesomeness. 😉

Session #2 : Book your session
A one-on-one Breakthrough therapy session with Hollie B. where you have the opportunity to explore and traverse your inner landscape with shamanic tools of self-discovery. Sessions must be pre-booked when you make payment for the work, and will fall in the two weeks between Session #1 and #3. Session #2 is a 2.5 hour session.

Session #3 : Saturday 10th June
Group Work at The Place in The Wilde
9:30am – 4:00pm
A session of welcoming and celebration where each woman is seen anew, as the integrated, awesome women she is truly being.

Early Bird bookings : save $99 til 29th April

Do I need to come to all three Sessions?
Yes. This work is a combined set. Attendance includes a commitment to come to both group sessions and an individual session with Hollie B. You are responsible for booking your own one-on-one session on the calendar provided when you make payment.

I’m post menopausal, is this work appropriate for me?
Yes, at the essence of this work is the journey of Woman, wherever you are on that journey.

I have had a hysterectomy, is this work for me?
Yes, at the essence of this work is the journey of Woman. If you ever had a uterus in this lifetime, you meet the criteria for attendance.

Can I bring my baby / toddler / child?
No. Usually babies are a welcome addition in my Circles, however this work requires attention and deep exploration. A mother with her bub may find this too distracting to participate fully. For events that are baby/child/teen friendly, see the Red Tent. In September there will be a group Spring Ceremony for Red Tent tweens and teens who have reached menarche this year.

Can I just show up on the day?
No. Bookings and payment must go through the website before May 23rd. When you make your payment you will be shown a calendar to book your Session #2. It is the responsibility of each attendant to book a Session #2 and show up at the required time. No cancellations will be accepted.

Do I have to come to The Place in The Wilde for my Session #2?
Yes, all sessions are in Mongarlowe. Check the calendar and book when you make payment.

I work during the week. Can I get a Session #2 on a weekend.
There are limited appointments available on the weekend. Book early.


Love you,

Mrs Hollie Bakerboljkovac PACFA Reg. Clinical 25488

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