Wise Gatherings is the live event branch of Institute for Self Crafting, and host of Wise Women Gathering.

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Calling all seekers who believe that the preservation of traditional wisdom is a key to a sustainable and beauty-full world.

Whether you’d prefer an educational lecture, a professional conference or a spiritual retreat, we have an event that will serve your search for knowledge and help you to reach unlimited potential.

Wise Gatherings is a purveyor of quality events promoting the spreading of traditional therapeutic wisdom, holistic living and the Mysteries. We offer various entry points for anyone who desires a community of authentic wisdom keepers and seekers.


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Wise Women Gathering Wise Men Gathering
Wise Women Gathering is our premiere event, held on the third weekend of May every year. Nestled in the majestic Hawkesbury Valley, WWG is a celebration of Plant Wisdom, Holistic Health, Women’s Mysteries and Community. Men’s Gatherings to support men to take on the challenges of being authentic in the modern world. Facilitated by our men’s team who are passionate about providing a strong, accepting environment, for real men. Wisdom Gathering Journal is dedicated to promoting the work of professionals in the field of Traditional Wisdom Keeping. Papers are collected from educators who have presented at Wise Gatherings Conferences.

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Wise Gatherings is a branch of the Institute for Self Crafting, held by Hollie Bakerboljkovac. Get in touch via email.


Wise Women Gathering
Wise Women Gathering is a 3-day Conference about plant wisdom, holistic health, Women’s Mysteries and cultivating community.


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