Weaving the Wisdom Keeper is currently closed.

All sessions were recorded in 2018 and will be produced as online programs throughout 2019.

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Weaving the Wisdom Keeper is a series of education sessions Hollie taught in 2018-19.

The sessions are set to become individual, online Units at the Institute for Self Crafting this year.

If you're interested in hearing about when the courses go live, send your details through, and let us know anything in particular you're interested in.

self crafting : (sĕlf krăft′ĭng)
1. to create a life that is truly one’s own
2. to be the artisan of one’s own reality
3. to live an unlimited life of empowered choice

A year-long journey in awareness of individual Oorlog, open to women of all ages. Weaving the Wisdom Keeper offers a tapestry of deep personal work for women who desire to heal the broken threads that come with separation from our ancestral ways of connection to the earth, the moon, the sun and each other.

Twelve one-day sessions offered over the course of one year, with a final Wisdom Vision Camp, in the forest. Sessions may be attended individually or enrolled for the entire year.

Each session runs for eight hours, over one day, at The Place in The Wilde at Mongarlowe, NSW. (1.5 hours from Canberra).

Ørlög : (oorlog) (from Old Norse)
the accumulation of an individuals ancestral “karma”, DNA, inherited conditions, actions, beliefs and traditions which creates potential for the individual. Individuals create oorlog for themselves and their children through their actions, beliefs, and even nutrition and health choices. (definition from Kari Tauring in her Völva Stav Manual)

Inviting the internal and external work of the shamanka, this program teaches a variety of methods for deepening self awareness and creating a life that sets you free, through the framework of the Rhythm of Life. Throughout the 12 sessions, women will gain understanding to weave Oorlog deeply in an individual and appropriate way, representing personal heritage, culture and beliefs.

The work of weaving your personal understanding of your Oorlog is the work of Self Crafting the tapestry of all that has been, is now and will become. It is a way of uncovering your deep ancestral roots. It is a way of connecting to your inherent Inner Wisdom. You Know more than you think you do.


Sunday 25th February 2018
1. The Rhythm of Life
Explore the layers of the Rhythm – how it shows up in nature and your own body.
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Saturday 24th March 2018
2. Lunation : 13 paths
Explore the 13 paths of Self Crafting, guided by the moon and your ancestors.
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Sunday 25th March 2018
3. Red Tent and the Moon
Explore working with the moon in Circle and independently.
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Sunday 6th May 2018
4. Five Faces of Self Crafting
Explore the five phases of the journey of life that are repeated over and over again, in every situation, every occurrence and everything you do.
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Saturday 16th June 2018
5. Spiral of the Seasons
Explore the seasons, develop your own personal traditions to honour change as it occurs in life’s flow.
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Sunday 17th June 2018
6. Red Tent and the Sun
Explore working with the Sun, guided by your personal song lines / wyrd.
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Sunday 22nd July 2018
7. Magickal Foundations
Explore the herstory of apothecary and ritual magick for activating the change you desire to see change in the world.
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Sunday 19th August 2018
8. Red Tent and the Earth
Explore Earth magicks, guided by your connection to the elements of life.
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Sunday 16th September 2018
9. Oorlog Talismans
Explore the rune set Hollie created based on traditional women’s symbols and oorlog.
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Sunday 30th September 2018
10. Sacred Spaces
Explore the long-body, memory, space and how it shows up in your home, work and lifestyle.
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Sunday 28th October 2018
11. Red Tent and the Tribe
Explore women’s space as a tribe, mentoring and oorlog as it occurs in groups.
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Sunday 11th November 2018
12. Inner Knowing
Explore your Inner Journey as shamanka, rhythm maker, wisdom keeper.
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February 2019
13.  Wisdom Vision Camp
3 days in the forest, exploring your awareness as shamanka who works with the earth, the moon, the sun and the tribe.
NOTE : Wisdom Vision Camp is open only to women who have completed more than 6 individual sessions of Weaving the Wisdom Keeper Program.




Q. I’ve heard Hollie to talk about some of these topics before. Is the content the same?

A. The day sessions are in-depth explorations of the work of Self Crafting as a Shamanka (female medicine woman/wisdom keeper), including many elements I’ve never taught about before. There will be many layers of new information for anyone who has worked with me before.


Q. I’ve never been to a women’s event. Is this appropriate for me?

A. The sessions are suitable for entry level to shamanically-advanced women. You might like to try the “Heavy and Light Tool” to assist you in exploring whether this program will be a contribution to you.


Q. Can my teenage daughter attend?

A. The program is offered to women of all ages. In this instance, “woman” is defined as a person who has or did once have a uterus, has reached the biological stage of menstruation and has a maturity level appropriate for a broad range of discussion topics.


Q. Can I bring my baby?

A. Babes in arms are VIPs. Toddlers are unable to attend.


Q. It’s a long way for me to travel. Is there somewhere I can stay?

A. Camping is an option at The Place in The Wilde. Tents are available to women travelling long distances. Braidwood village is 20 minutes from our space, where there are many hotels and B&Bs. The region is also populated with beautiful rural Air B&B options.


Q. I’m a Member at the Institute (from ages ago). What does that mean for this program?

A. It means you get $100 off the program if you enrol for the year. Email me to get a coupon for check out.


Q. I’d really like to do the entire program, but can’t afford it. Are there any other options?

A. Payment plans are available for enrolment before January 20th. Email me for more info. Each session will eventually be developed into online programs as “Units” for Turtle Labyrinth, where they will cost approximately $30-$50.


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