Your dreams are the perfect size for you

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Talking with a client recently, I was told “But you’re always taking giant leaps and you make it look easy!”

She was referring to this habit I have of constantly setting my aim on something big, something wild, something that ‘should’ be overwhelming. And somehow I manage to get through, in some sort of balance so that it all looks perfect to the outside world. I take on these massive, outrageous, impossible goals and prove to myself that actually, I’M POSSIBLE.

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My Big Wild Dreams are often “crazy,” according to this reality. It’s lucky then, that I rarely live in this reality. I create my own reality.

And that’s what fills my heart.

It’s when I know that these big, sometime scary, leaps of faith that seem impossible, are creating beauty and positive action in the world, that my thrill drive kicks in. Because I’d prefer to live in a world where everyone is creating their own reality, instead of living in the shoulds and have-tos.

In order to create that reality, I’ll push through whatever overwhelm is lurking, to make it happen.

That’s how I make it look easy.

It’s not. But it is. Because I can’t live any other way.

And I always make sure I get what I desire. My heart knows what I need, and tells me what I need to do to get it. I use Question, all the time. And because I’m asking for the energy to show up to create what I desire, it just does.

What wild, outrageous BIG leaps are you taking this week?

What could you do to live your Big Wild Dreams, right away?





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