Why do we share food in the Red Tent?

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Red Tent Circle with Hollie B. and Rachel Vines - Canberra | Women's Circles

Why bring a plate?

I was once told a story by a Dutch immigrant to Australia “When my family attended our first barbecue in Australia we were told to bring a plate. We thought, how strange these Australians are, yet we brought along the best plate my mother owned. Imagine our surprise when we were told, ‘No you bring a plate of food!’ That would have been so much simpler to say!”

This Australian phrase which has become such an integral part of our social culture actually comes from a much older tradition; for thousands of years women have gathered together, swapping recipes and sharing tips on nourishment and the delight of flavour together. Every gathering of Women allows for the swap and exchange of love and wisdom, passion and nourishment, so of course, we share food in the same way!

It is awesome if You can bring something luscious, hand-made and from the heart to share with your Sisters.

Perhaps food is not your thing, but You have a great drink / tea / juice recipe. The ‘bring-a-plate’ aspect of the Red Tent Experience is there to encourage the sharing of new and old traditions from one Woman to another.

What is the importance of the Circle?

When women sit together in Circle, we acknowledge that we are all equal, although our journeys that have led us here may be very different. It is a Sacred Space to relax and BE your authentic Self. The words spoken and the stories told are heard by each woman present, and the woman with the story is honoured for the part she plays in the co-creation of the Sacred Space. This is why we call it Secret Women’s Business, for it is a place where women find nourishment and wholeness, inspiration and integrity, and honour passion and compassion. Now is that the kind of environment you would like your daughters to enter when they become a woman? Beautiful!


Can’t wait to sit and share with You!

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