Why You require Ceremony in your Life

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Ceremony has been with humanity for as long as the Earth. We use ceremony to consciously express meaning in our lives.

As people of the Western World, we are surrounded by cultural myth and story that has been gifted to us by those who have come before, to help understand the ways of life. Rituals and ceremonies are gifts from our ancestors to help us learn to live, love and Be.

Ceremonies are nourishment for the soul. They remind us that we are sacred, and that we are a part of the sacred Whole of all that is. Whether we are celebrating the beginning of new life, honouring a change, or letting go of the past, everyone deserves to know that their important moments are held sacred. Ceremony helps us to connect to family and loved ones, it can generate energy and help release grief, and it provides a focal point for the ongoing growth of soul-full meaning.

Old Tradition Wedding Sacred Space Indian Ladies in Ceremony

Sacred ceremony can be a power-full tool of understanding and integration. It provides meaning in a world that often lacks the inspiration of meaningful life. What happens then, when our culture outgrows its current myths and rituals? We have the blessing of spirited people to be able to create our own ceremony, that’s perfect to each individual’s expression. And so, everyone can express sacred meaning in their own life.

New Beginnings African Bonda Women Babe Blessing

A capable Ceremony Person will help you to find a way to express your heart’s song, your passions and your truths in a sacred manner. A good Ceremony Person will listen to your needs, and honour your essence. A soul-full Ceremony Person will guide your special event with authenticity and integrity, and ensure that those who attend experience a depth of sacredness: a moment that lingers in the memory for years to come.

Old rituals may be built upon, ideas may be borrowed and new concepts merged to create a sacred ceremony just right for you. Whatever occasion you wish to make sacred, a ceremony will add value and depth to a memorable time.


I’ve written and facilitated ceremonies including, but not limited to:
  • Baby Blessings & Placenta burial

  • Menarche and Moon Blessings (young woman’s first bleed, initiations, graduation etc.)

  • Sacred Lover Woman Blessings (hen’s nights and bridal showers)

  • Beloved Blessings   (for couples)

  • Mama Blissings/Blessingway   (babe showers, time out for Mamas etc.)

  • Family Connections   (step-families and new siblings)

  • Virgin Freedom Woman   (divorce honouring)

  • Wise Woman / Croning   (menopause & retirement)

  • Seasonal Celebrations   (sabbats, holy days etc.)
  • Endings (end of life)


Visit the Ceremony Woman Page for more info or to book Hollie B. to facilitate your Ceremony. >>>

Union Ceremony Creation Workbook DOWNLOAD
Union Ceremony Creation Workbook DOWNLOAD

A Workbook for creating a Union Ceremony that meaning-fully embodies the love and commitment of you, as a couple.

Includes directives to enable you to choose the perfect ceremony that reflects how you show up in the world as a couple, and how you will express and celebrate your love to the world.

As you work through the 42 pages, you will be guided to explore customs and traditions from your own and other cultures, gain deeper understanding of these traditions and choose which best shine the light of your relationship with your lover.

By the end of the workbook you will know the what, how and who that is required to create your individual and unique Union Ceremony.

Includes :

  • Guides for dreaming your Ceremony day
  • Questions for working out your desires for your Ceremony
  • Elemental ideas and customs for celebrating Union from all over the world
  • A collection of wedding readings
  • 2 x sacred rituals for happy marriage
  • 2 x sample Union Ceremonies
  • and so, so much information!
$ 15.00 Add to cart
Moon Ceremony Booklet DOWNLOAD
Moon Ceremony Booklet DOWNLOAD
This is a short booklet to inspire ceremony for girls and women who desire to celebrate their menstrual cycle. It is by no means a thorough discussion of the possibilities.... simply a whisper of what could be.... The booklet was originally written to families who are working with Hollie B. to facilitate a Moon Ceremony in their own home. Even if you are not intending to hire Hollie B. for Ceremony work, you will find many great ideas that you could use yourself.
If you desire to work with Hollie in creating your daughter's Moon Ceremony, go here.
Hollie is also available for union, birth blessing-way, end of life and seasonal ceremonies.
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This photo, taken by Ren from Ren Photography, is from the Placenta Burial Ceremony for babe Maeve Willow. Hollie B. was an attendee at Maeve’s birth and then asked to facilitate the burial of Maeve’s placenta into Mama Earth, and the ceremony of welcoming and gratitude that followed. This is but one example of sacred ceremony possible. Maia Nie Heya.





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