Why does each Circle have a theme?

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Red Tent Circle with Hollie B. and Rachel Vines - Canberra | Women's Circles


The Canberra Red Tent Circles are embracing a different theme for discussion each month this year.

This is inspired by the Red Tent Movie : Things We Don’t Talk About. When we watched this film we were uplifted by the stories of Women who came to the Red Tent and felt for the first time that they were Perfect, just for who they are. Much of this comes down to the fact that in the Red Tent, Women can speak about whatever they need to, and they are not judged, not told to be more appropriate, but in the Red Tent, Women are allowed to Be just who we are.

It got us thinking, Are there things we don’t talk about in our Red Tent Circles? Our Circles have always been advertised as Authentic Sacred Space, where Women are welcome to Be and say whatever they need to. But, the question we wanted real clarity around was Is there things that Women don’t feel comfortable to talk about, even in the Red Tent?

Red Tent Circle with Hollie B. and Rachel Vines - Canberra | Women's Circles

What are the things we don’t talk about?

We sat down and made a list of some of the more common themes that are ‘not appropriate’ to talk about in company. We tried to make sure the themes could cover many sides to the similar topic, so that more Women could connect to them if they are valid. And then we planned the dates.

So each month, we are promoting a topic or theme that is a common thread of Woman, but a topic which our society may not talk about in an authentic and whole Way. The themes are relevant to many Women; some are empowering and uplifting, others may be traumatic or painful. Whether it be menstruation, body image, abortion or relationship breakdown : the intention with the 2013 Canberra Red Tent Circles is that in speaking about things that are not usually ‘acceptable dinner conversation’ we heal the traumas we have experienced in life as Women. We are healing together. We create solidarity between Women who have experienced similar stories. And for those Women who have not experienced the issue, they sit as Sacred Witness to the other Women, and so we understand more what it is to Be Women in our Society. In our differences, we begin to see similarities, and new bonds form. Sacred bonds. When Women connect on this deep level, healing occurs.

  • March 7th 2013 : Loss (child/parent)
  • April 4th 2013 : Menstruation
  • May 2nd 2013 : Body Image
  • June 6th 2013 : The Mother / Mothering
  • July 4th 2013 : Abortion
  • August 1st 2013 : Women’s Sensuality
  • September 5th 2013 : Menarche
  • October 3rd 2013 : Abuse and Trauma
  • November 7th 2013 : Relationship Breakdown / Separation
  • December 5th 2013 : Menopause

If You don’t want to share about the theme of the month – it’s ok! Join us to bear Sacred Witness to the Women who do need to talk about their Journey…

Can You imagine a World where Women are free to discuss the issues closest to their hearts? Can You imagine what it would be like for our daughters to grow up in a society that doesn’t shun the big, common, beautiful and traumatic situations that they will experience as they grow? This is the World I want to live in!


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