When the light returns, who will you Be?

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Being Your Vision requires setting your sights, with constant adjustment to the target, all year round… winter to spring is the time when the light will begin to shine on anything you chose to ignore in the time for focus.. what if you choose to focus on your Vision now? – No Excuses!

August already? If you’re anything like me you’ve been full steam ahead in enhancing your life in all the ways that matter to you. Although winter brings an essence of contemplation, it doesn’t need to stop you from meditating the seeds that will become your reality.

Some people meditate by stopping, sitting on their butt, gettin’ all serious and even making deep and solemn sounds.. Yet, the definition of “meditate” is to focus your mind. There’s no right or wrong way to focus. Self-reflection and contemplation do not require a vacuum. It is totally possible to take stock and contemplate as part of the rhythm of your ongoing life… self-reflection is an ongoing process, that doesn’t only happen in a particular season. Awareness and focus require attention to Self as a part of the Rhythm of Life that is ever ebbing and flowing in the natural cycles of all things. Rhythm is a constant dance requiring adjustment but nothing that is a cycle stops or ends… in other words ; don’t let winter be your excuse to stop creating your Big Wild Dreams!

Winter does bring a stillness in the turning of the seasons, and we can draw on that particular energy by taking notice of where / who / what we are being. On the map of Self Crafting, winter is a time of darkness, so that sometimes, shadows may be difficult to see.

For some, it may be easy to believe that in the dark there are no shadows at all. Without the presence of light, a person may see only what they can see. There may be acting and pretending. Our culture’s typical conversational elements reflect this “How are you today?” “I’m fine, how are you.” in the way we automatically respond. Yet, what if we went deeper? Winter is for deeper.

For others, the darkness may look like one big shadow. In this sense, winter pulls a person down, deeply immersed in depths from the past / another reality.  This depth could be difficult to emerge from. It can even become comfortable. There may be victim-ing and blaming. There may be drama where it is not necessary.

As the year turns toward Spring, the days slowly shift and light is longer. Notice as the light begins to break through the dark, all that you may have been attempting to hide from, is now becoming illuminated again. Have you been Being Your Vision?

As Spring begins to unfurl in its quiet and still very cold way (the daffodils first blossom and the buds begin to appear) light shines to corners that have otherwise been kept in the dark for the last while. The acting and blaming and pretending are now illuminated and will be difficult to ignore. How much light does need to shine on your Self before you will be willing to invent the future you so desire?

The Aquarius Full Moon is perfectly timed at this moment, to remind us to live our original, unique, Vision. Aquarius asks you to surround yourself with mentors and friends who will inspire you to Be Your Vision. Increase your community of superhera/oes and give focus (meditate and contemplate) to all that you can be!

This is your moment to claim invention! What else is possible?

Let me know what the unfurling brings! Thanks for reading, have an awweeesssooomme month!

Love you,

Mrs Hollie Bakerboljkovac PACFA Reg. Clinical 25488

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