What is the Red Tent?

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Red Tent Circle with Hollie B. and Rachel Vines - Canberra | Women's Circles

In pre-history, the Red Tent or Moonlodge was a place where the women of a tribe or village would come together each month to BE in the Sacred Space of Woman Power. The Red Tent is a place to return to the Self, to share Woman Stories, to meditate, and to re-member our innate Wisdom. The Moon Lodge has a relationship to the Oracle – the Woman who delves into the depths of her unconscious Self to bring back information for the growth and good of her whole tribe.

Over recent years the Red Tent Movement has taken the World by storm! My friend thea Gaia, one of the very first Women’s Sacred Circle Facilitators in Australia likens this phenomenon to spot fires, that are spark in little places, with little groups, and ignite the hearts of every Woman who gets involved. Before long those spot fires join with other little sparks, and, as we have seen in recent times, the intensity and excitement erupts : now Red Tent Movement is alive everywhere!

When women circle together we create a loving, supportive space to share and grow. We SEE the other women in the circle as equals and sisters, initiating ourselves into the deeper meaning of Women’s Power, and the Sacred Self.

Women Circling

As Women, when we focus our intentions together, we feed each other with a Power that knows no limits. Women’s Wisdom goes back to the very first Woman on Earth : passed through our blood lines, from our Mothers and our Grandmothers. The Circle reminds us that we are not alone. That All Women are Sacred, and than together we are a Power-full energy.

Each time you visit the Red Tent, you allow your Self to open to your inner Wisdom. You will open to the song and story of all Women and, most importantly you will experience the Sacred Journey of You. The Red Tent is a place for you to return to your Self, and BE Sacred.


What is the importance of the Circle?

When women sit together in Circle, we acknowledge that we are all equal, although our journeys that have led us here may be very different. It is a Sacred Space to relax and BE your authentic Self. The words spoken and the stories told are heard by each woman present, and the woman with the story is honoured for the part she plays in the co-creation of the Sacred Space. This is why we call it Secret Women’s Business, for it is a place where women find nourishment and wholeness, inspiration and integrity, and honour passion and compassion. Now is that the kind of environment you would like your daughters to enter when they become a woman? Beautiful!


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