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You are so welcome here at the Institute – thank you from the bottom of my heart for dropping by – and to show you how great-full I am I’ve prepared a little prezzie for You – read on!

I’m Hollie B. and this is the Institute for Self Crafting. In this space I’ve created a community of power-full and awwweeesssooomme Women who are here with one thing in common : they are creating a life that sets them free!.

You can read more about me here and the Institute here, but while I’ve got you right now, can I quickly tell you about something that I’ve created just for gorgeous peeps like you who have trolleyed your way here from the Spell Crafter App. Have you got a sec? Because this little nugget I’m about to share with you is totes worth sticking around for – I promise.

medusahollieYour interest in the Spell Crafter App says you’re into Spells and Making Your Own Magick. Which is rad because that’s exactly what we do here at the Institute.

If that’s your thing too, and you really want to get into learning about Making Your Own Magick, then punch in your email details below, and I’ll send you a book I wrote called Lunation’s Make Your Own Magick. It’s a guide book to help you create your own Spells that get you what you really want.

Lunations Make your Own Magick Guide Book

Want to learn how to Make Your Own real-life, dreams-come-true Magick?

Allow me to share with you some of my tips for Crafting a Super-charged Spell of the most Magickal kind.

How to Make Your Own Magick – that Works!
Learn the 5 steps to Magick Making
Find out why some Spells don’t work
How to know what works for You

For App Travellers, You will also immediately be sent a coupon code for shopping for all of your Botanicals and other Spell supplies – you’ll find it in the first email you receive from me, once you’ve confirmed your details.

I really do wish you the absolute best fortune with your Spells. May your dreams come true!

Let’s get Spell Crafting!

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Love from,

Hollie B. - Institute for Self Crafting