What if you had a Vision Statement?

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Vision statementI love the idea of having a Vision Statement that is my check-in point for Being Me, and helps avoid getting wrapped up in everyone else’s points of view about me.

When used for organisations, a Vision Statement differs from a Mission Statement, in that the former usually expresses an organisation’s optimal goal and reason for existence, while a mission statement provides an overview of the group’s plans to realise that vision by identifying the service areas, target audience, and values and goals of the organisation.

I am an organisation of trillions of cells named Hollie, and therefore the same definitions work for me 🙂 Today I’m writing about how to create your own Vision Statement. My Planner guides my Mission Statement.

I Be.
I am. Cosmic Woman. Indigo Mama. Awesome Wife.
I feel. Real. Love. Truth.
I do. Out of School Collab. Abundance Creation. Optimal Body. Sacred Space.

I use my Vision Statement to check whether invitations will benefit me. For example, “Do you want to go out to listen to music tonight?” which also includes ; stay up late, talk to dick heads, drive home in the dark, lights in the retina after dark, eat out, be tired in the morning… So I check that with my Vision Statement, and it just doesn’t weigh up. Examples include: the musicians are arrogant (not Real), my energy is drained by the dick heads (not Sacred Space), bright light after dark (not Optimal Body), be tired in the morning (not Out of school Colab-able). In this case, the answer is no.

Here’s another example, “Do you want to keep the Circle for a late night Red Tent?” which also includes ; stay up late, hanging out with gorgeousness, drive home in the dark, lights in the retina after dark, eat late, be tired in the morning… So I check that with my Vision Statement and the “hanging out with gorgeousness” changes everything. All the layers of authenticity and sacred space in the Red Tent is enough to outweigh the Optimal Health stuff, so that it’s still totally worth me accepting that invitation. This invitation agrees with my Vision Statement.

I often hear from women that they wish to be more of the Self, they are just not sure who or what the True Self is for them. Would using a Vision Statement help you to find that?

A Vision Statement is about being clear with your purpose. It’s about knowing the why about what you do. When we live with intention we can wrap ourselves in the clarity of knowing what life is all about for this time.

A Vision Statement helps you to let go of everything that is not serving your Truest Heart’s Desire, and let you move forward with the intention of someone willing to grow. Having a Vision Statement allows you to stick to your goals, remember what you’re working toward, and it reminds you that your journey is unique and important.

You can put anything in your Vision Statement, and here is some simple advice to get started.

Step 1:

List your hats :
You need to look first at what it is that you do Do. What roles do you have in your life? Don’t worry about the correct order or whether or not you forget one right now, just jot them down.
Examples: Mother, Lover, Wife, Artist, Boss, Housewife, Money Maker / Bread Winner, Woman of the World, Student, Daughter….

Step 2 :

Prioritise :
Now this is where the work gets a bit more Real. Take your list and put the items in order of what is most important to you. This isn’t about what you’re supposed to do, or where you have the most responsibility. Really honour your Self by stating which are the most important roles to you.
Example : Artist, Mother, Lover, Woman of the World, Student, Money Maker…

Step 3 :

Make it Simple :
This is the time to focus your words. Of course you want to include it all, but the purpose of this exercise is to get back to you. This step is all about finding focus so that you will always have something to refer to in times of doubt. Aim to have no more than five words.
Example : when I Worked my Purpose-full Mission Statement I listed the things that were the heart and soul of what I do. I made sure these things were the things I most enjoy. Some of the other things within my list could be included within these titles, so it helped me to see where I was spreading mySelf too thin, and where I needed to put more energy in, in order to balance. My list was as follows : Ceremony Woman, Mother, Lover, Witch, Money Maker.

Step 4 :

Make it Real :
Take your first item on your list and flesh it out. What does this title mean to you? What does it include? If someone else was speaking about you in that role, what would you want them to say. It doesn’t need to be full sentences, just a few words to describe the essence of this work is probably enough.

Step 5 :

Do It Real :
Now is the time to take action. Look at your list again and rework all that you have listed in Step 4 into a statement of action. It doesn’t need to be flashy, just simple enough to get your point across about who you are and what you want from this life.
Examples : My Mission Statement became a direct list of the things I do. I chose words that explain clearly the things I do that matter most, and I can use this list to continually check back that any new project or idea will benefit my further time in this life by honouring my deep Self. :

I Be.
I am. Cosmic Woman. Indigo Mama. Awesome Wife.
I feel. Real. Love. Truth.
I do. Out of School Collaboration. Abundance Creation. Optimal Body, Sacred Space.

You might want something with direct instruction such as : My Mission is to honour goddess in all I do, to honour MySelf and my family, to keep a happy home for my family, and to be there for my friends…

Go forth and prosper!

Now you can use this purpose-full Vision Statement to hold yourSelf accountable and inspire the best possibilities for you. Pin it up somewhere that you will be able to see it regularly, not simply so that you can refer to it regularly, but also so that it can work as an affirmation that becomes a part of you.

You may find it helpful to revisit your Vision Statement once a year, to ensure that your Vision is still in relationship with your actions. Write it in your Planner so you’ve always got it nearby.

Refer to it as often as you can until honouring you becomes a part of your daily practise.

A purpose-full Vision is also a Statement to the world of who you plan to become. Even if your list is not yet what you have been doing, You now have the opportunity to start Doing it. And there is no one to stand in your way!

Let me know how you go!

Will you post your own Vision Statement in the comments below? It just might inspire someone else.

May all of your Big Wild Dreams come true!



Love you,

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