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I’ve said over and over, the Lunation Annual Planner has changed my life in so many ways and for so much good. Working with the Planner is a work of embodying the Rhythm of Life. Here’s some words from women who have purchased their own copy :

Feedback from Barbara, who was a sistar to my mentor thea Gaia :

I started using your planner last week – it’s working for me as both planning (not too much at this time of year) and recording/journalling. Thea and I used to meet on the dark moon – many moons ago – and that was a time for reflecting and planning before we met and during our sessions. So your ‘this moon’ page fits right into my old way of planning…

Feedback from Elizabeth, who purchased a Planner at a festival :

Hi Hollie, I’m Elizabeth, we met at the Wise Woman Herbal Gathering and I bought a diary from you, which I swapped with my friend for the big one. I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful thing it’s been to use your Planner and what a high opinion I have now of the work you do.
The lay out and energy really works perfectly for me and since I’ve been using it I’ve been able to focus and get my shit together. I love the self supporting stuff you talk about on your website and you’ve managed to articulate for me what my heart has been trying to tell my head for ages. Thank you for holding such beautiful space.


To support all of you wondrous ones, who are using the Lunation Annual Planner, I’ve been creating little videos throughout the year to show-off some of the unique aspects of the Planner. Check them out below :




For the Planner Supplement with in-depth, best practice info for living with the Rhythm go here >>>

40 Day Planner Challenge
40 Day Planner Challenge

Turbo boost your Sacred Productivity

Make your Big Wild Dreams real

A program to help you get the most out of your Rhythm
When she’s used well, the Planner changes lives and makes Magick. But if you never open her, if you don’t spend time with her, don’t take advantage of the carefully laid out program inside these mysterious pages, she can’t work her Magick… And still she will wait for you, sitting quietly on your bench top or desk, whispering about Big Wild Dreams and healthy habits, and success… It says right on the back cover : “for busy people who desire to create a life that sets you free.” You’re busy. Are you also prioritising the creation of a life that sets you free? If you’d like to, perhaps you want to sign up for the 40 Day Planner Challenge to get in Rhythm with your Lunation Annual Planner..? Could you trade 10-20 minutes each day, for 40 days, to spend a little time with me (online) and your Planner, to turbo boost your Sacred Productivity and make your Big Wild Dreams real..? [youtube]

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Lunation Annual Planner
Lunation Annual Planner

Introducing your guide to an unlimited, self crafted year

I created this to be the diary / calendar / planning device I’ve always wanted, and it has utterly changed my life! All the un-useful crap that they usually put in diaries has been removed, instead including all the elements that encourage a creative soul to keep focused with ease.
The layout and methods in this planner are exactly what I use to balance my busy life, as a home educating, animal herding, off-grid living, entrepreneuring, soulful housewifing, craft obsessed mama. Now I’ve condensed the system all in one place and I can share it with you! In developing this planner I thought about exactly how I like to relate to the earth, the moon and the sun, and built the pages to include reminders and gentle tips for how to live in flow with the natural rhythms of life, specific to each day. This is a day-to-a-page diary with plenty of space for planning, appointments, reminders, affirmations and self-accountability journalling that allows you to flow with the rhythm of the moment, without trapping you into overwhelming to-do lists and routine. The planner travels the energies of the moon and seasons to support you to get what you need done in a way that feeds your inner needs and expands your outer world. The Lunation Annual Planner makes it easier than ever to create a life that sets you free. Included :
  • Daily circle planning
  • Daily tips for aligning with the flow – for your emotions, relationships, activities and health
  • Daily Lunar and Solar phases
  • Seasonal attributions
  • Astrological significances
  • Guided planning to help meet your targets and broader vision
  • Guided self-accountability and gratitude rituals
Dowload the how-to-use-this-planner supplement so that you can learn the circle plan method and understand other ideas included in the planner. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere (U.S., Europe, Canada etc.) please read this link first.
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Visionary Package 2022
Visionary Package 2022
This year, as a special gift to people who are committed to their Sacred Productivity, I'm offering a Planner Package to keep you in flow, all year round. You get:
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  • 40 Day Planner Challenge (course) RRP $69
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  • The Year that Was (course) RRP $59
  • Vision Clarification Call (session) RRP $120
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Lunation Annual Planner gets social :::









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