A download pack for connecting to the energy and power of the Sun. Includes:

  • Guided Meditation for connecting to Gramma Sun
  • Hollie B.’s ‘My Own Red Tent’ download pack for honouring yourSelf through the seasons.
  • Inspirations for monthly work to honour the Sun
  • A workbook of Sun Phases : so that you may connect with the Sun in a meaningful way every month.
  • A spell for connecting with Gramma Sun
  • Journal pages (including artwork by our amazing resident artist Leeor Anderson) for reflection and growth.


Note : Only current members may access the exercises and lessons in this Unit. If You are already a member, you will have received a password for protected pages in your welcome pack. Please contact the Institute Office if you are unable to locate your password.




Enter Unit #7 :

Red Tent for connecting to Gramma Sun