Hover over the Turtle Labyrinth to find the Units you’re interested in.

Ceremony Circle Soulful Mamas Lounge Self Crafting for Cosmic Women She Who Works the Truth She Who Honours the Truth She Who Walks the Truth She Who Is the Truth She Who Lives the Truth She Who Accepts the Truth She Who Serves the Truth Keeper of the House Lunation Apothecary She Who Sees the Truth Red Tent for your Inner Magick She Who Gives Thanks for the Truth She Who Hears the Truth She Who Loves the Truth Seasonal Spiral She Who Speaks the Truth Red Tent for Grandmother Moon Red Tent for Gramma Sun Creating Sacred Spaces Lunar TempleTurtle Labyrinth

This is Turtle Labyrinth : the Institute Campus. You are going to have so. much. fun. here.

Entry to the Turtle Labyrinth Campus is via The Sacred Grove. That’s the Turtle’s head, and if you hold your mouse over any of the panels, you will find the other lesson halls.

All Members please note – stepping into the Sacred Grove will open you to a magickal place and space. Nothing will ever be the same again. As you tread upon the path inward, know that you are entering a Sacred Space that is all about You.

Here you will find introductions to the Shamanka Work of Visioning. You will learn to enter realms that are unseen. You will experience what it is to be guided into the deep parts of yourSelf, where You are honoured, loved and seen as the awwweeesssooomme Human Being that You are.




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