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How to give a Blessing with Turbo Boosting Power | Hollie B. & Lunation |

All things are Sacred. Every thing has been created from the very first thing. We are all made from the dust of the Stars, and the objects and items around us are the same. Somewhere, in the beginning, it started with a few elements and a spark from the Great Mystery. So there is nothing seperate – we are All connected – and All things are Sacred.

But this article isn’t about making something Sacred. This article is about how to direct your intention of blessing to charge an object with so much Power, it’s as though it’s had a Turbo Boost!

#1 : Gather your friends

All things in Nature are here to help You. Think of them as your Sacred Friends ready to lend a hand and support whenever You ask.

You will need :

  • Your something (that You want to bless)
  • Blessed water
  • The Sun
  • The Moon (not necessarily at the same time)
  • Passion and Pleasure and Love in your Heart!How to give a Blessing with Turbo Boosting Power | Hollie B. & Lunation |

What’s Blessed Water?? – well it’s Water that has been made extra Awesome with special Ceremony and essences and singingand chanting and colour therapy and time with the Moon and the Sun and the Earth and… Different People make Blessed Water in different Ways. I love the Lunation Blessed Water, and not only because I make it. It is actually really rad! I’ve cleared headaches with it. I’ve protected Space and repelled negativity with it. I’ve made lots of Magick with it… You can find out more about Lunation’s Blessed Water here. >>

How to give a Blessing with Turbo Boosting Power | Hollie B. & Lunation |

#2 : Call YourSelf present

Wash your hands with the Blessed Water and call YourSelf present to this Work by placing some water on your forehead between your eyes (your third eye), on your chest where your heart resides and on the bottoms of your feet.

How to give a Blessing with Turbo Boosting Power | Hollie B. & Lunation |

#3 : Bathe your Sacred item

Starting at one end or edge of your special item, rub Blessed Water all over it toward the centre. Then come from the other side/end/edge and again rub the Blessed Water toward the centre, until the entire item is covered in the Water and you have met in the centre.

#4 : Ask for support

Turn to the Sun and speak words from your heart about your intentions for the purpose of this item. You don’t need fancy rhymes nor long invocations. Simply speak words from the heart that feel Real to You. Be clear with your intention. Ask for support and guidance and nourishment from Gramma Sun to Work with your item into the future.

Leave the Sacred object on a cloth or tray for one Sun and one Moon. You could choose a colour that really pops whatever energy you’re trying to build with this item. To heighten your intention You could also add crystals : Stone People, feathers, notes, trinkets, flowers, pictures…

How to give a Blessing with Turbo Boosting Power | Hollie B. & Lunation |

Later when the Moon appears, turn to Her and speak your words of intention and Purpose again.

Alternatively, You could begin the Work with Grandmother Moon, and then go with Gramma Sun in the morning…

#5 : Anchor the Magick

After one full day and one night your item is ready to be used. Be sure to use it in the next 24 hours to seal the Magick in your object.

Every now and then. When You feel inspired, You may repeat this Working to give your item a Magickal Turbo Boost.

Enjoy this Work, do it often. Get to Know Gramma Sun and Grandmother Moon until they are a part of your Sacred, everyday!


Hollie B. | Indigo Mama and Awesome Wife | Lunation

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