Trusting Perfection : a Red Tent Story

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Red Tent Circle with Hollie B. and Rachel Vines - Canberra | Women's Circles

Last week was the first of our series of Red Tent Circles where we have a theme to Work with. Rachel and I decided to use ‘themes’ this year to really bring home this idea of the Red Tent being a Space where Women can go deep, and where we are allowed to discuss the “Things We Don’t Talk About” in everyday life. We want to give Women the safe space to feel that nothing is taboo. Nothing is inappropriate.

You See, the Red Tent is about Being the You that You want to Be. There’s no rules about it, except to Be You – however she needs to emerge in the moment.

So when we started with this topic of “Loss (of Parent/Child)” I was surprised to feel the emerging of my Self in a way that I had not expected. I didn’t think I had anything specific to share about this topic. Afterall, I have not lost either a parent or a child. But, as I sat in the Circle with the luscious Women in attendance, words burned in my throat and demanded to come out. And so I spoke, about a deep grief I’ve carried for only a few months. And I cried and I snotted all over tissues. And it was the release I needed that had not come before.

It wasn’t because I didn’t have a time or Space for it before, but I think it was more about the Right Timing. This seemed to be a theme on the night. Women saying things like “I don’t usually speak about this issue” or “I didn’t expect to share tonight” but it was just the Right Time, and the Right Space, and it was Perfect.

That’s what I love about the Red Tent. It is always Perfect.

Red Tent Circle with Hollie B. and Rachel Vines - Canberra | Women's Circles

This month we introduced our own version of the “Talking Stick” which is oh-so-common in Women’s Circles but I personally don’t love. It’s not the idea of what the Talking Stick is that I don’t love. The concept of giving a Woman an item to ceremony-all-eyes that She is speaking in her Power and will not be disturbed is rad. This is Power-full and gorgeous and if only all People could speak like this all the time. But I just don’t love that this tool is a STICK. Hello penis! For me, it just doesn’t fit into a Women’s Circle, particularaly when it’s adorned with stones and feathers and the things so that it looks like some kind of wand or ah-uhm-penis. So when Rachel and I talked about what we could shift this energy to while still honouring a Woman’s position as Speaker in the Circle, it made total sense to introduce the Crown.

Red Tent Circle with Hollie B. and Rachel Vines - Canberra | Women's Circles

In the teachings I’ve written about the Five Faces of Goddess : Cosmic Woman of Power the Crown is representative of the Face of the Queen. She is a Woman who stands in Her Power, fearless in the sights of Change. She is willing to be strong or vulnerable. She speaks from her heart. She is very Real. This is exactly the kind of energy we are drawing upon for Women who enter the Red Tent. So it makes sense that when a Woman speaks from her heart in the Red Tent, when She tells her Sacred story and the other Women in the Circle witness her, she speaks from the position of the Queen. This Woman doesn’t need to hold a penis. She holds the Crown.

Once we decided that we would use a Crown in the Circle to mark the Ceremony of the Woman holding the Power and Authenticity in the Red Tent, the question was – what kind of crown will we use. Images of tiaras and sparkly junk came and went. I really wanted this Sacred tool to embody the Power of Women coming together, and steer away from the idea of the type of Princessy stuff that’s easy to find in shops. I was reminded of my dear friend who uses the term “kicked my tiara across the room” when she’s hitting rock bottom and having a tantrum at the Universe – hehe love it – but not appropriate for the energy we were wanting to create in the Red Tent.

And then, through the month, after a bit of drama and questions as to how this beauty-full piece would be born, it came to me. It was Divine and Perfect in it’s timing. It was right there, in front of me. Gorgeous.

Red Threads Center Piece | Lunation with Hollie B.

You see, dear heart, I have used the same center piece in Red Tent Circles and other Women’s Work for a few years now. And with each Circle, we have another thread tying the Women together. And when each Circle ended, I tied that thread to the center piece, and it started to hold a whole lot of Power and intention, as Women held the Space of Knowing connection with other Women and how Divine that is. And then after my very last CMJE Circle with the 2012 group, the Centerpiece broke. And the Circle of threads was released from it’s Work. But what could I do with them now? (I find it very difficult to chuck things like that out You Know!)

And then, with Divine Perfection it came to me. KNIT THE CROWN FROM THE RED THREADS OF THE CIRCLE HOLLIE! There it was. Staring at me all month. And I knitted that gorgeous crown, which is just the right size for a Woman to hold in her hands. And we are all still connected.

There’s Blessingway threads and Clan Mother threads and Red Tent Dreaming threads and Canberra threads and Sister threads and Goddess Conference threads and more in this piece. There’s finger knitted pieces, and braided sections. There’s organic wool and hand spun wool and acrylic wool and there is SO MUCH AWESOME WOMEN JUICY LOVE in it. Oh the Power!

Red Tent Circle with Hollie B. and Rachel Vines - Canberra | Women's Circles

So the Red Tent Crown is Perfect for a Space that is always Perfect. It doesn’t matter how many Women come, what we talk about or how we manage to get there. It is always Perfect.

I hope You have a chance to enter a Red Tent near where You live. If not how about just connecting with the Women in your life in a deeper Way?… stay tuned… I’ll be sharing more info in the coming months about Red Tent options just for You, wherever You live.


Hollie B. | Indigo Mama and Awesome Wife | Lunation

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