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The True Cost documentary film is a must for anyone who wears clothes.

Even if you’ve already decided you know all there is to know about what’s lurking in the Fast Fashion industry, this film has surprises for the most ethically savvy R.E.b.E.L.s. Watch this and you will guarantee to never shop in a mall again.

When I was a young and boundless Uni student, I had a poster on my toilet wall (that’s where all the best quotes end up, right?), from a Poppy Z Brite book:

“A true artist never averts one’s eyes.”

Although it is no longer in a prominent place on my wall, this statement has stayed etched in my mind, and forms a foundation in my Self Crafting philosophy. We create a life that sets us free. Creating. We are each artisans of our own reality.

To walk authentically on this journey, we cannot afford to look away from that which applies awareness of the world around. Awareness is the presentation of internal wisdom that asks us whether we are being true in the steps we take on this Earth Walk. An artist/creator/creatrix never averts her eyes because she is willing to be aware, without judgment in order to make choices that serve Self, Life and Unity for our Planetary Family. And to get that awareness, you must be willing to look into the darkness. This is the most replayed element to the teachings of Self Crafting. It’s what some psychotherapists would call “shadow work” and it shows up in many ways.

Self Crafting is a model for creating your desired life that involves authentic, sovereignty. We cannot have the life we wish to choose if we are not free to choose it. The tendrils of freedom whisper to us all. The remnants of our deep Wild Self, the original spirit within each and every person, the unburdened, unbound, unlimited… The Whole Self that exists but that which may be covered by confusing and exhausting distractions which keep us away from the magical and power-full She… The “shadow” in shadow work is the distraction; that which covers and confuses the true expression of You, and stops you from contributing in the unique and abundant way you came here to Be.

When you hear freedom whisper, it is the sound of your authentic Self.

Guard her fiercely.

To Self Craft is to be self responsible. We cannot be responsible without accepting to have awareness of the choices we are choosing, and the knowledge of how our individual rights to sovereignty impact the sovereign rights of others. This life we live is a web, linked and connected and woven to every other living creature n this planet. The web’s weaver is Choice. Your choice. Every choice you make either extends or limits your ability to Self Craft the life that sets you free – and every other person’s ability. Self responsibility then is a global responsibility in which we each have a stake.

In The True Cost you will learn how your clothing purchase choices impact the wellbeing of our environment, our culture, our health and other people’s rights to dignity and freedom. In a culture that consumes more than it can create, the West relies on people who have less than us, to make us feel as though we have more than we do.

Consumerism affects us all, because it’s not only about the $3 T-shirt form Kmart you do or don’t buy. As one farmer points out, people are concerned about what goes into their bodies in the form of food, but they pay little attention to what’s on the outside, seeping in. 60% of what goes on your skin is ingested into your body. This speaks to the elemental foundation of Wellness : Nutrition and the dire consequences of a planet covered in chemicals.

Consumerism is one of many “shadows” cast over our society. The True Cost will show you just how dark the shadow looms, and ask you to look at what lurks beneath – for you. Becoming aware of the harsh reality faced by people in developing countries (a humanitarian crisis), learning about the effects of manufacturing Fast Fashion on the Earth (second only to the oil industry), and noticing your own engagement with disposable products that make you feel good for a moment, are the acts of awareness, creation and will guide every one of us on the path to Freedom.

Will you choose to avert your eyes? Or will you choose to uncover your own consumer shadows? Will you choose to find what lurks beneath? Will you contribute to the web, allowing your choices to weave a story of authenticity that not only sets you free, but in which the ripples of your own choices breakthrough across the entire web of life, inviting our entire world to be free?

The True Cost documentary is an important addition to the journey of Self Crafting, and to authentically knowing your deep Wild Self. Because we all wear clothes. And we are each contributing to a world united in the embodiment of Freedom.

The True Cost can be found at and everywhere you hire / stream movies from.


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