True Arrow : a short course in creating a life that sets you free

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a method for Self Crafting your Big Wild Dreams

An educational journey for mapping the behavioural targets that contribute to supporting you to make your Big Wild Dreams real.

Most people have long lists of desires, but have no idea how to make those desires into reality.

Targets are the keystone for turning habits into effective rhythm. Habits are the architecture of your life, forming the foundation from which all dreams sprout and grow.

Learning how to set sound targets is the first step in chasing your Big Wild Dreams. In this series you will also be guided in how to ensure that your aim strikes true every time, to enhance habits that support you exactly where and what you desire to be.

This series will guide you in :

  • knowing that which you desire
  • self crafting the rhythm of your day
  • prioritise that which is important to you
  • set achievable targets that support your vision
  • make your dreams come true

Includes Hollie B.’s model for Self Crafting the Target.

How big your dreams grow is only dependant on the

size of wild you allow your heart to be.

This is a free email course for getting authentic about your Big Wild Dreams and aiming at the targets that will make them real.

Love you,

Mrs Hollie Bakerboljkovac PACFA Reg. Clinical 25488

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