Women of the Tribe : Red Tent Gather-in

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As part of the ongoing efforts at The Place In The Wilde, to foster a community of nourishing support, we have previously held  Red Tent events to explore mentorship.

Women, teens and girls were invited to join together in a Red Tent for tribe.

This circle was an offer to gather with women who are, and are not our mothers / daughters to nurture the space for transformation within ourselves, through deepening community connections and the opportunity for mentorship.

The name “mentor” comes from the Greek story where Goddess Athena (known for her wisdom, power and strategy) attends advice to the character Telemachus (the long view fighter/archer) to stand up for what is believed in, and to find truth.

In a tribe, where each person is valued for their unique, individual Self, many adults may be mentors to the youth of the group. In a society where we connect and communicate from an authentic space, each person is able to share their own gifts when Being together.

When we are supported to actualise the authenticity of Self, it becomes easy to step into our full potential. In this space of awareness we understand that Self is not a term to mean alone – when we are each Being Self, we find Oneness in the appreciation of infinite, individual authenticity. In this way, Self is a term that refers to becoming whole – wholeness is oneness = one us.

The Red Tent Gather-in has been a space where each woman is comfortable to be in her authenticity, so that each girl and teen may witness the many forms of what it means to be a Self Crafted Woman. The day will be care-fully facilitated to explore the realationships that may develop through the filter of Athena’s mentor/mentee connection.



The fine print :

All girls and teens under 16 must be accompanied by an adult guardian, who is either her mother or grandmother.
If a girl does not have a mother or grandmother available (due to death, prison or trauma), email Hollie to discuss.



Questions answered :


Q. Is this like a little sister program? Am I signing up to be some kid’s aunty?

A. Nope. It’s one day of exploring relationships.


Q. I don’t ave a daughter, can I still come along?

A. YES Please do! What makes this event extra special is the range of ages, backgrounds and stories each woman brings with her.


Q. I’ve / my daughter has never been to a Red Tent. Can we still come along?

A. Yes.


Q. Can I bring my friend’s daughter / send my daughter with a friend?

A. Nope. All girls and teens must participate at this particular Red Tent with a family relation. See fine print above.


Q. My daughter is kind of shy, will this be okay for her? 

A. I strive to hold a welcoming, safe space for all kinds of girls, teens and women. In the end, you need to decide whether this is an appropriate event for your child. If in doubt, use How Do I Choose tool



Any other questions, email me.



Love you,

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