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We are nearing the end of the 10 Days of Creative Transformative Processes Series, and I keep coming up with more ideas to add to the Processes! I’m thinking of turning this entire series into an ebook with added extras, what do You think? Would You download and read it?? Tell me in the comments below…

But for now, today I’d like to introduce You to Thread Work as a method of Transformation and moving into the new. Of course, this is an area with massive scope, but I’ve laid out a few basics for You to get started, and would love to hear of other ideas You have.

Women have been associated with thread Work since forever. It is in our blood. Written into the codes of our DNA, so much that at some point we cannot help but pick up the threads and yarns and create something. Threads are a symbol of our connection. When we talk about Red Threads, we are talking about the very blood that runs through our bodies, and it is the same blood line that is in our mother, her mother, all the Way back to the very first mothers. Through the Red Threads we real-eyes that we are All One.

10 Days of Creative Transformative Processes | Lunation

I’ve been using a Red Threads Circle Vision for many years now, which evolved from the connection of Women in the Red Tent and other Circles. If You have been with me in a Red Tent or other Women’s Circle, You are probably aware of this Vision. It begins with You, Being in your centre, and it spreads through the Dreaming Tracks of the Land and the Stars and connects all Women on the Red Thread, out to the Cosmos and beyond. It helps us access the Cosmic Mamas who are representative of our individual Inner Truth. And it anchors us in Sacred Space. That is what the Red Thread means to me.

While I was preparing for this article, I thought I’d look online at what other Women are saying about Thread Work from a spiritual perspective, and in particular the Red Threads. How gorgeous to find the Work of Shiloh Sophia in my web surfing! I have downloaded her fabulous artwork of ‘Our Lady of the Red Thread’ and it will surely become a feature in our Red Tents. There is also interesting reading on her site about Mother Mary being the holder of the Red Thread – it’s kind of removed from what I’m talking about here, in regards to Creative Transformation, but I just thought it was interesting back story for why Thread Work is so power-full for Women!

10 Days of Creative Transformative Processes | Lunation

Creative Transformative Process #7

The idea of this Creative Transformative Process Series is to inspire You to find Ways that are just Perfect for You to clear your shit. Yes, that’s what I said.

I’m all about no more excuses. If there’s something holding You back form Creating the Sacred Life that You want, and having it Right Now, then it needs to GO! The reasons and thoughts and bullocks You come up with for why You’re not living your Ultimate Life right Now, are just excuses.

It’s time to name your limitations,

Acknowledge them and then

Get the f*ck over it.

That’s not to trivialise your issues at all darling heart. Seriously. I don’t doubt for even a second that what You’ve been through has been horrible. It’s been hard and painful and You have carried grief. But You have a choice now. Either clear it and move on, or stay where You are right now. I’m the moving on type. That’s why I’ve got the arrow on my shoulder. That, and I’m a Sagittarian. That’s probably why I’m the moving on type.

10 Days of Creative Transformative Processes | Lunation

Anyway, for a Creative Transformative process to Work for You, it has to help You Vision a New Way. So You will do Steps 1-3 and then the fourth step is where You get to be creative. That is You MAKE something to reflect your Vision for your future. It’s the future that doesn’t include a blockage. It’s a future without limits. As it’s a future that deserves big dreams! Hel, You’ve gone this far with clearing out the old, You are allowed to move forward with big plans okay!

( note : Hel is spelled like that on Purpose in honour of the Divine Hel from Norse Mythology. Look her up, She’s Rad)

I’ve used threads in Women’s Circle in so many ways. Here’s some ideas – there’s hundreds more but this will get You started:

  • Wraps :
  • take an object or a Ceremony Stick, or a piece of your hair and wrap it with thread as You set your intention. Speak out loud and each time You coil your threads around, know that You are deepening your Work with that extra layer
  • Webs :
  • weave a ball of yarn in and out and over and under and connect many thoughts to the One. If You’re in a group get a grey ball of yarn and throw it between People in a Circle, back and forth, twisting under and over arms and legs. You will begin to make something like a Spider web. When anyone tries to move, You will all feel it, reminding us that we are all on the Web of Life together, and where one part is affected, the whole is affected.
  • if You don’t have a group, do the same with objects in the room, and focus on the concept of All things Being Connected.
  • Knit / Crochet :
  • knit with a Purpose in mind. Whether it’s for a charity or for yourSelf, your knitting / crocheting can be used in so many ways. Use colour to represent your intention and even different patterns within your stitch will help focus energy. If You want calm and relaxation, use a loose stitch. If You want to get everything straight in your life, use a tight, straight stitch. The possibilities are endless!
  • Circles :
  • Women’s Circles love using a ball of yarn to connect Women physically, and then cut the chords of connection, to show that we do not need a physical link to remember the Red Threads. Try it with a group of Women or any People. Tie each other with the yarn and take your focus to what it means to be connected as one Circle. Then break or cut the chords and release your Selves from the physical, knowing You are still One as energetic Beings.
  • Sew-sew :
  • So You think You’re not very creative or artistically capable? Well here’s one for You. Anyone can sew. My children have been sewing since they were three years old, and You can too. To really anchor a concept, draw or write a pattern / word on a piece of cardboard or fabric, and sew over it. Use colours that Work for your Vision. And then out it up somewhere so You remember what You are aiming for.

10 Days of Creative Transformative Processes | Lunation

As I said, there’s a billion and seventeen ways to use Thread Work in your Transformative Spaces. If this Thread Work really calls You, do some research on Women’s historical connection to thread, yarn, the spindle, and You will find that we are built for connecting to the Threads. It is within and without. And it is a Purpose-full Way to Be.

Tomorrow is the final chapter in this 10 Day Series, but if You want more, let me know and I’ll see what I can do about an ebook or something else Awesome.

Hollie B. | Indigo Mama and Awesome Wife | Lunation


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