Be Tooth Happy

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Be Tooth Happy

UPDATE : I now have batches of stevia sweetened AND unsweetened without stevia. PM me on Facebook for a batch and tell me which you’d prefer.

I’ve been passionate about natural health for like, ever. And in all my research and study and practising, I’m fairly sure the mouth is the window to your health-soul.

This article is particularly for the wonder-full R.E.b.E.L.s who have gone wild and picked up some of my Hollie-made tooth powder. It might also be interesting to you dear heart so read on if you want to up your healthiness.

So I’ve made a few different tooth pastes and powders for my family, and finally we’ve settled on one we are happy with. Not all home-made tooth cleaners are created equally – in fact most of them taste crap! so we are stoked to have one that everyone in the house is happy with.

When my real food-natural-hippie friends heard we had a good thing going, they started asking me to make some for them. And then that kind of snow balled to asking on Facebook if anyone wanted any and then these batches just went crazy! And here you are. So first things first :

Hey – I’m not a medical practitioner so you’re not supposed to take anything I say here as medical advice. It’s just info for you to have a look at. Do your own research and get informed and see what happens! 

snip here

How to open the Packet

Seriously you have to make sure you do this the right way otherwise you’re going to have powder everywhere : just snip on that corner and pour it straight into a jar.



How to Store your Tooth Powder

If you keep your tooth stuff in the bathroom, an air tight container will be your best friend. Of course, we don’t have a bathroom at Freyja’s Rest, so our tooth powder lives on a shelf next to the food jars, in a sugar dish. I like the sugar dish because I can keep a cute little wooden spoon in the dish and nobody is getting their germs in our shared powder. Read below for more on that.


How to use

1. wet your tooth brush

2. spoon some tooth powder onto your tooth brush

3. brush and rinse just like you would with any commercial toothpaste

Why am I so clear about the instructions? Because your powder will clump if it gets wet. DO NOT dip your wet brush into the jar of powder. And that way you won’t have little kid slobber in there either!

Once a week you might like to swish your toothbrush in a cup of sol’e water (himalayan crystal salt diluted into water) to clean out any herb gunk build up and just give your brush a pick-up.

But I like tooth paste better

That’s cool. Get a jar and mix in some coconut oil with your powder. Just use a spoon or a knife to smooth on a chunk onto your toothbrush. I don’t really like it so much this way but if you’d prefer it, you’ll still get all the great benefits from my tooth powder if you mix it into some coconut oil.

A note on remineralising

Although this tooth powder contains ingredients that have been known to remineralise teeth, I can’t make any claims as such because nothing I say should be taken as medical advice and all that jazz, so try it for yourself and enjoy the organic pure-ness of putting nice things in your mouth.

Brushing is only the beginning

If you are really interested in remineralising your teeth, please know that brushing is not necessarily enough. Although cutting out the commercial goober that they sell in supermarkets (full of poisons that you are meant to put in your mouth yuk!) is a great move toward a healthier mouth, there’s a heap of things you can add to your routine, depending how serious you want to get about it.

It is my understanding that unhealthy teeth are pointing to a larger problem in the body. if your teeth are crumbling, you can bet your bones are too and that means you are lacking some serious nutrients. The body will draw mineral and nutrients from the bones and teeth when there is a lack. lack can be caused by poor diet, stress, lack of sleep, too much alcohol, smoking cigarettes, EMF overload, chemicals in your food or home, and many other things.

ceremonyHere are my main teeth saving tips for whole health

  •  oil pull at least three days every week : oil pulling is a really old practise where you swish an oil (I use coconut oil) in your mouth for 20 minutes (don’t jip yourself the entire twenty is important for total un-toxing) before spitting it out and brushing your teeth. The oil has a drawing effect and literally pulls toxins from your mouth.
  •  drink a teaspoon of sol’e once a week in a glass of water (sol’e solution is made by adding Himalayan crystal salt to non-chemical treated water until it reaches saturation point – that is when the salt no longer will dilute in the water)
  •  drink a few drops of Wild Oregano Oil in a glass of water each morning – or pop one drop straight on your toothbrush before you add toothpowder if you’re game
  •  brush with tooth powder BEFORE you eat in the morning and rinse with ***unfluoridated water*** – if you don’t have access to rain water the best water you will find is the Noble’s Pureau brand which is sold in 5lt and 10lt casks. Drink this water too if your tap water is fluoridated. Fluoride is a poison.
  • move your body : your teeth do so many amazing things and they have a relationship to the detoxifying pathways of the lymphatic system. So get your body moving – it doesn’t have to be ‘exercise’ – just move. Stand up and walk around your office more often, go outside with your kids one more time each day – whatever, just move!
  • if your teeth are really yellow : oil pull every day PLUS mix up an activated charcoal capsule (you can get those from the chemist) with coconut oil. Smear the mix all over your teeth for 10 minutes. Brush your teeth with a tooth brush. Rinse well – the charcoal is awesome at drawing out toxins and if you do this once a week or more you will start to see a difference very soon.
  •  avoid sugary foods INCLUDING fruit and honey – this is not due to the ‘bacteria theory’ that our dental system would have us believe – it’s about the fact that when your blood sugar spikes your body will draw the minerals it needs to rebalance from your teeth and bones thus creating a major issue for your body. Once every now and then is no big deal, but if you have regular spikes and drops, you are killing your teeth slowly.
  •  use natural home made cleaning products (to avoid nasty chemicals)
  •  use natural home made beauty products eat only organic foods (to avoid nasty chemicals)
  •  avoid grains and cereals unless they are prepared traditionally (read more about preparing grains in Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon)
  • if you still want to know more : READ THIS BOOK : CURE TOOTH DECAY by Ramiel Nagel : and READ THIS BOOK : HOLISTIC DENTAL CARE by Nadine Artemis.

There’s heaps more info about whole health and creating Optimal Wellness at the Institute.

May your teeth be juicy and nourished beyond all measure!



Love you,

The article Be Tooth Happy was published by Hollie B., for the Institute for Self Crafting.

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