Talking About Isolation

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isolationLast month when I made the video about Isolation I had no idea how quickly it would create change. I am so so grateful that the few minutes of exposed Self that I put out into the world has brought so many women together and connected us in ways I didn’t expect.

Because I just made that video to start a conversation. I wasn’t thinking about starting a movement. And what I’ve found is that by simply starting to talk about something, the energy is shifting. We have released an intention into the world. And women are talking to me about the communities they’re finding or creating. It’s really exciting.

One thing that came from it was the idea that we can support each other from anywhere in the world. Here’s what I wrote on Facebook :

Dear R.E.b.E.L.s, my recent video for Red Talks has already caused a stir, and it has not even gone up on Red Talks yet! I’ve heard from a bunch of women who are feeling the isolation, and appreciating the conversation we have started. Thank you to every woman who is sharing and sending me email.
I’m inspired by the work of one of my favourite writers, Glennon from Momastery. And I’m convinced we can make change felt in the lives of Circling Women who need to feel supported. This isn’t the only way, but it is one of the ways.
One lady wrote to me and told me her incredibly sad story about how she is losing her home and her husband is dying of illness. She has a daughter. It is awful.
What can we do?
We can send our collective love. Remember earlier this year when we held Space globally to support the Women fighting the sand mine? (that whole saga is still going on by the way) That was power-full. We all felt connected. We felt like what we were doing was for Real.
We can emulate that. #collectivesacredspace
The regular collective Circle is something I was going to do later in the year, but the need is now.
Do you have a space in your home for a special table that has an intention of supporting the Women in isolation? YOU are included in this group of Women.
This week, make some space. Dedicate it to the intention of support. Let the conversation of Isolation be there in your heart. Acknowledge it.
Each week we are going to all put the name of one Woman on that table. We are going to hold her in our prayers. We are going to send her support.
You can add as many other names as you want. Be sure to add your own.
If you hold space for Women’s Circle, be sure to create a small area where this support can be maintained and sent out. Temple rooms, moon lodges, altars : make space for this.
And then, when we are all tuning in to the energy of support for each other, we are weaving something special. We are creating community and support without having to ‘do’ anything but hold the thought in our heart. It’s prayer in its purest form. And it’s all about love.
I really hope Women will come on board with this collective sharing of support. Together we can be the Change. #talkingaboutisolation

This week, the name for your special space of support is Alana. Send love to Alana. Let her know that her needs are being held by a collective of Soulful Cosmic Women who care.
Just write her name down. And place it on your sacred space of support.
And remember to put your own name too.

If you’re into photos, take a photo and share it with us all. #selfcraftedsupport

Share this post. Tell all the Women in your Circles. Let us Be the support we all need. We do not have to feel isolated anymore.

Love you!
Hollie B.

selfcraftedsupport.hollieSo we did that. We put Alana on our altars, and the next week we placed Lyndell there.

This week Courtney has written asking for some support from the web. You see, it is a web because we are all connected by our intention, and as each woman adds her attention and energy to this purpose we weave the web ever stronger and more fabulous. Together we are Remembering that we are not separate at all. And in that, the feelings of isolation subside a little.

I’d love to see this movement keep going. You can totally post your own pics and nominate women. Start your own loops of this support web. Share it around. #selfcraftedsupport

Together we can choose support, authenticity and connection.



Love you,

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