Step 1-2-3-4 : Creative Transformative Processes

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10 Days of Creative Transformative Processes | Lunation

Oh I’m so glad You made it! Here’s a toast to Choice A : I’m ready to rock my World, fly through the glass ceiling and Create the most Sacred and Abundant Life ever.

Let’s go sugar, You won’t even remember that crunchy feeling You had before when this week’s over.

Step 1 : Name it

This is the moment to get really clear with your fears and blockages. As I said in the very first post of this series : 99 times out of 100, it’s your fear that’s stopping You from reaching your ultimate potential. Name that fear. Work out what it is! It doesn’t matter if You don’t know where it comes form – where it began. There’s no point looking backward. We’re all about creating the New Way now sweet cheeks! Move forward on your Path to Purpose. leave the rest behind!

Step 2 : Acknowledge it

Now that You know what it is, really See what’s going on for You. Get Real about the energy that builds in your life around this fear or blockage. It’s a limiting factor in your Path to Purpose! See it. Know it. Feel it. Go through the emotions and reflect on what it is and why it needs to be there. Remember that everything is Perfect for this time. There’s no point beating yourSelf up about having been in this Space, but if You really feel the need to do that, go through it. And then it’s done. Now move on.

Our feeling is a connection to the Inner Self. It tells You what You need to learn/heal in order to Create the Sacred Space of Abundance and Happiness that You really want. We can’t just push emotions and thoughts under the rug dear. Under the rug is okay for a little while, while it is just a few lumps and bumps on your pathway. But eventually, it will mount up so big that You can’t step over it anymore. That’s a serious blockage! And the cleaning will take a lot more energy than it could have done for just putting the crap away in the beginning. Feeling things as they happen and feeling them as Real for You is how we clear away the mess – then and there. It’s a de-clutter of the energies. So that You have a clear path to walk into the future.

Step 3 : Clear it

Feel your stuff. Your fears and grief and pain and trauma. Feel it. Get down and dirty with it. Let the snot flow baby! Allow yourSelf a safe and Sacred Space to turn to mush. Like the chrysalis – as the caterpillar cocoons herSelf, her transforming process is not as simple as sprouting some wings and flying off. No, the caterpillar in that Safe Space of the Cocoon turns to a gooey, green, baby-poo yellow coloured slime. And then She rebuilds herSelf into the amazing and gorgeous New Self of the butterfly!

Cry, scream, beat your chest or stamp your feet on Mama Earth. Let it all out. Do it in Safe Space. ( like when you’re picking up the kids from school is NOT the best place yeah! ) Allow yourSelf time.

Feeling your fears and grievances fully is the only real Way to let them go. Let the process happen. No more hiding. No more excuses. Let it all out.

And perhaps for You, there is not so many tears. Perhaps You actually need to feel Joy and Happiness around your ‘issue’. That’s okay too. Whatever the emotion – it’s about going through the process of that emotion and letting it flow through your body – and out, instead of being anchored and stuck in the one place.

Our Society has taught us well how to not feel. How to be appropriate. How to impress and pretend. You have to forget all of those tricks You’ve learned for this Work honey, because this Getting Real business, just doesn’t align with being fake. And what You will find, is that at the end of the day, Being Real takes a shit-load less energy than pretending all of the time!

Step 4 : Create a New Way

Now is the moment to Vision your Path forward. The past is in the past. You are You. Exactly as You stand in this moment is how You will move forward. You CAN Create your own Destiny. You CAN have your Truest Heart’s Desire. You ARE Awesome.

Let’s go….!

Hollie B. | Indigo Mama and Awesome Wife | Lunation

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