Spinning the Red Threads

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I’m very much in love with the Work of the Red Tent. I’ve been holding the Space for Women’s Circles since 2003, later aligning with the global movement of Red Tents, renaming and branding to honour the worldwide phenomenon.

Circle is Ceremony. My Work, which is a collective process that I’ve been adding to for many years, has taken form due to many late nights, long days, tears, anger, joy, frustrations, contentments and a bucket load of Passion.

Red Tent Circles with Hollie B.

I’ve been sitting in Intentional Women’s Circles since before I knew what that meant. My Mum and her friends were hippies. They raised me with the concept of Goddess, Natural Witches and Animal Totems. When I came to Canberra for University, I couldn’t find “my people”. I set out to create community for mySelf, ran Circles, opened a shop, moved the shop online, continued on in Circles and Workshops, and more Circles, moved away from Canberra, and here I am today.

Red Tent Circles with Hollie B.

In my Circles I describe each Woman as a vessel containing the past and the future within herSelf : the Babushka or Matryoshka. We are the past – we are made of the dust of our Ancestors. We are the future – our Vision reaches further than the Stars. We traverse the Universe, walking on the Earth, Dreaming of this Earth and other Worlds, right out to the Universe. We can move between All Worlds, just like any Goddess. And So we are Cosmic Women.

Every Cosmic Woman has red blood running through her veins. It is the life blood of every Woman. An energy that connects us All.

When we sit together, I ask Women to tap into this Red Thread that runs in us All. We feel it, breathe with it, know it, for it IS us. We Vision ourselves as a “spot fire” (a concept I take form my mentor thea Gaia) shining a light that can get ever so bigger when it finds other spot fires to join too.

Red Threads | A Meeting with the Cosmic Mothers | Lunation |In the Circle we travel in our mind’s eye and our feeling, on the Red Threads into the Tracks of the earth. We connect to the Track we are sitting closest to in that moment. We Vision other Women – Sisters – SISTARS – sitting on the same Tracks and between each other we light up the Dreaming Tracks of the earth with the Red Threads.

And we Vision these Women connecting to other Women on the Tracks, and they send their Red Threads along the pathways and on and on it goes, until the entire planet is lit with the Red Threads, “like a giant ball of Red Yarn, around and around, filling the earth with Women’s Power” (these are my words).

This is what we do. Every Circle. Every Woman.

That’s not All.

We Vision our wild heart and see and feel the Red Threads connect to the Star Tracks. Many People don’t know about them, they are Dreaming Tracks too, like ley-lines in the Earth, but these ones are through the Stars. We connect to these Red Threads and we feel the flow of Life that brings us All together.

For we are All made from Star Dust – and thus we are All One.

When the Women in my Circle are holding this Vision of the Red Threads in and around the Earth, and the Red Threads weaving through Space, then I bring their attention to our Sisters and Friends, the Cosmic Mamas.

We Be in this Red Thread Space as the Cosmic/Clan Mothers – also Cosmic Women – Journey on the pathways of the Red Thread to join our Circle. We welcome them with the Language of Love – that from the heart space – and we honour their presence. We give thanks for their attendance in being with the Women to guide us in the Circle’s Journey. We light a candle, holding sacred flame to acknowledge the Sacred Space.

Ohoi nateya. That is how I hold the beginning of a Circle.

If you like the sound of the Red Threads Journey, you might enjoy checking out my Red Tent for Connecting to the Red Threads : Unit 1 from Turtle Labyrinth.

May you have a Journey that nourishes and holds you on your own Red Thread Connection.


Love you,

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