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10 Days of Creative Transformative Processes | Lunation

I was introduced to Soul Cards by my dear friend Mirabei Rose at one of her Women’s Retreats many years ago. I have since used Soul Cards in many of my Women’s Circles, Red Tents and at home with my children.

It’s another process of switching off the mind and going with feeling. Are You noticing a theme here love? Yes. All of the Creative Transformative Processes want You to shut off the thoughts and the shoulds and the appropriate business, and get down and dirty with expressing through your heart.

Think of Soul Cards as your very own Deck of Oracle Cards. Each tells a different story, send a different Message. They chronicle your Journey and are good reminders of the Lessons we learn along the Way. So let’s get started…

Creative Transformative Process #4

10 Days of Creative Transformative Processes | Lunation

I keep a box in my cupboard of magazine cutouts. When ever I get a magazine ( usually given to me because I rarely purchase them ) I sit down and cut out any interesting images, and pop them into the box. This isn’t something I actually ‘make time’ for. I just do it when I’m watching TV or something in the evenings.

Interesting images could mean anything really. The idea is that You want different feelings, memories, inspirations to be held in the images. So in our box at the moment there’s images of Christmas Trees, animals, vistas and far-off lands, a naked Alby Mangels, little kids, luscious food, gross food, dead things, flowers, gardens, natural disasters… do You get it? Anything can be an interesting picture in the Soul Cards box.

As I mentioned above, the Process I have come to use for creating Soul Cards is guidance through feeling ( and if You’re reading Rach it’s probably different to the one You showed me in the beginning be cause I’m good at forgetting and then making up new bits! )

Here’s a quick pictorial for You of the Creative Process.

10 Days of Creative Transformative Processes | Lunation

Spread your pictures out all over the floor or a table. Spread them as far as possible. It is best if as many images are visible as possible. You don’t want to have to go scrounging through them.

Each participant needs their own glue stick, a pair of scissors and a piece of Cardboard. I like to use an A5 size sheet (that’s half an A4). Whatever You use, make sure You can replicate the size again easily so that You can make more later.

Start sticking. You will have already stepped through Steps 1-2-3 of the Transformative Process and be right in the center of Creating a New Way forward on your Path to Purpose. Let your heart guide You to images that feel right for You in the moment. Don’t let your head enter and tell You ‘that’s not pretty enough’ or ‘that doesn’t look right’. Just be in the process.

Send intention from your heart into your hands and let yourSelf feel the Right images. You might feel heat in your hand, or goose bumps when You pass it over a particular picture. Choose it, place it on your card, continue.

10 Days of Creative Transformative Processes | Lunation

Allow your Self to feel when You are done. When it is finished, sit back and get to Know your Soul Card.

When the image side of your Card is complete You will begin this next process. It’s great if You can do this with a partner, because they can scribe for You. Alternatively, use your Smart Phone and Voice Record yourSelf while You speak freely, and then write it down later.

Ask these three questions and answer them from your heart, guided by what You see in the Card.

Warning : The answers might be something You don’t expect

You might find yourSelf accessing a whole other part of yourSelf when answering the questions for the Soul Cards and that’s okay. This Process is about getting way-deep-down. That’s why it’s so important to shut off your head. Let it flow. Find out what your Inner Self wants You to See.


10 Days of Creative Transformative Processes | Lunation

1. Looking at the Card, and answering for the Card, finish this sentence :

I am the One Who…

2. Look at the card and answer :

What does the Card have to give to me?

3. Now, knowing what the Card has to share with You, ask :

What can I give the Card?

So You can understand why it is important to have a scribe, so that your true Words can flow, without self-correction, and You can record the deep-down business of this Work.

Take a look at what You have said / scribed and find the common threads in your answers. This is the essence of this Soul Card. It is the story of what this Card can teach You

You may write information on the back of your Soul Card so that it can Be an Oracle when You revisit it at a later date. Don’t write everything – just the essence.

10 Days of Creative Transformative Processes | Lunation

Over time, as You do more and more of this Work, You will find that You are starting to create a collection of Soul Cards. Imagine, if You made one every month ( perhaps during your bleeding time when your Inner Tuition is really switched on ) You would be creating your very own Oracle Deck. Now that Sister, is Power-full!

Hey, if You did this Work in a group, make sure You ask everyone to help – carefully – place the images back in the box. It can take forever for just one person, because You have to go ever so slow to be sure none of the images get creased as they are replaced! But it gets there in the end. Children are very good at placing them in too, as long as You remind them to go slowly. They will have a ball finding funny images as they go too!

There You have it Sweet-pea. 4 Down, 4 to go in this CTP Series. Tomorrow is all about the Song!



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