Sometimes, Being a R.E.b.E.L. is not easy…

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Sometimes, Being a R.E.b.E.L. is not easy

This week has been an intense call to arms from the Celestial energies to face our deepest fears and darkest shadows. The Higher Self tells us it’s time to clear the last of the really old stuff of Self Talk we’ve been carrying for years. It’s now or never. It’s big and ouch. It fairly sucks actually. No one is immune to this. It is painful for us all. It brings up the tears and the snot and the utter distrust in the Self. Old injuries resurface both physically and emotionally.R.E.b.E.L

It’s not easy, but we’re clawing our way through it – because we have to. And although it probably doesn’t feel like it right now in between the two eclipses, we are doing this work with style! This is all new ways of being. It takes a good deal of Remembering and expanding and Being everything we’re here to be. We are literally decluttering our old self. We are creating pathways to Individual Truth and personal freedom. We are owning our reality. We are being led by love. You are shining right now from your deepest level. You are awwweeesssooomme.

I found myself pondering all of this in the middle of the night (when all the shadows creep in and try to attach there forever). So I asked the question ‘”What do I need to feel supported right now?”

This is what came forward.

Sometimes you will feel like you’re the only one. Being a Renegade is lonely. Just know that there are more of us out here, and we all feel the same.

Sometimes, you will question your faith. Being faith-full is a test of courage. Just know that we all feel like that often, and that the question will lead you deeper to your own Truth.

Sometimes, you will question your desire to be authentic. Being Real is not always easy and you will wonder whether those who live with their eyes closed have got it right. Just know that you will suffocate in that world. Keep pushing. There’s light on the other side.

hollie_rainforestSometimes you will question your sanity. Being a free thinker is not allays celebrated. Believing in anything outside the box its scary and wild. It takes courage and tenacity. Just know that it is simply b the fact that you question yourself that you truly are sane. The world’s greatest change makers were considered crazy, until they changed the world – now they are considered genius.

Sometimes, you will wish you could get the next ticket off this planet. Being Earth-born and aware is full of challenges which include pain and pleasure, grief and joy, love and passion. Just now that we are only ever given that which we can handle, and you were always meant to be here.

Sometimes, you will not want to feel anymore. Being Human has its ups and downs. it hurts as often as it feeds your happiness. That’s all about balance. Just know that its through feeling that we truly experience the presence of the Divine in our lives, and the fear is normal.

Sometimes, you will feel fear and you may not even know what it’s about. Being a navigator of your destiny is scary. It’s full of possibilities that will bring both grief and joy. Just know we are all living scared and when you jump in you stop prolonging the inevitable. Magick will happen.

Sometimes, you will feel like there is no point. Being Evulvalutionary means giving up the point and trusting wherever the process takes you. Just know that often the process is of far greater importance than the outcome. One day you will wake up far away from this moment, and be grateful for all you have done. 604

Sometimes, you will feel trapped, like you’re up against a wall and there’s no way-out. Being free is not something anyone else can give you. It’s an essence you subscribe to inside. Just know that we all feel at times that choices are not ours. We all have to make unselfish compromises and sacrifices from time to time. What you believe you will become.

Sometimes, you will feel like change is too hard. Being dynamic can be exhausting and you are entitled to rest and re-treat. Just know, that you create your own destiny, and no one ever drowned in their own sweat. Hard work will pay off, and your emergence from the chrysalis will prove to you it’s worth.

Sometimes, you will not want to be out in front. Being a Leader means leaving some things behind. Just know that where you are headed is better than anything before.

Sometimes, you will wish you could just be like everyone else. Being unique is not an easy path, yet it is the most simple. Just know that your gifts are needed here and yes, you do truly have gifts.

Sometimes, you will want to give up your responsibilities. Being a mama, wife, sister, daughter, grandmama, friend is time consuming and draining. Just know that we all struggle with the balance of giving to others and there is no now way to solve this. Keep loving with an open heart and see where the journey takes you.

Sometimes, you will be unhappy with this body you’re in. Being Woman is full of challenge and beauty. Just know that we all lose trust in our body. We all forget how great it is and we all learn slowly to love this shell made of star dust in our own time. Where you’re at with that is okay.

Sometimes, you will cry, fight, hate and lose your shit. Being the person you want to be takes patience and trust in your heart. Just know that emotions are valid – even the so-called negative ones, and we all feel them at various times. We’re supposed to. It’s called Being Human. P.S. Also, we all lose our shit in very ungraceful ways from time to time. 31 today | Hollie B. | Indigo Mama and Awesome Wife | Lunation

Sometimes, you will tire of curiosity and wish the path laid out ahead came with an easy to follow map. Being a Rainbow Path Walker has surprises at every turn. Just know, that we are all walking blind. Your heart is the only map you ever need. And prophecy is never what is seems to be anyway.

Sometimes, your vices will win. Being perfect is not your purpose here. You are perfect in your imperfections and who you are right now is really okay. Just know that we all have vices and we all give into them at times. It doesn’t make us bad people, just human peoples.

Sometimes, your desire to live with an open heart will be thwarted. Being the love you need is not always how you might want it to look. Life happens and challenges will be sent your way. Just know that we all feel this pain at times, but as soon as you stop loving, you will hurt more.

Sometimes, you will forget to be grateful, forget to honour the Moon and the Sun and the Earth and everything in between. Being the Infinite Self doesn’t need to have any rules. You are what you are. Perfect and unbound. Ridiculously awwweeesssooomme and exactly how you need to be. Just know, we all forget to put our crystals out under the moonlight at times. We all forget about blessing the dinner at the equinox. And every single one of us walk to the beat of our own drum.

Make up your own rules darling heart. Love exactly where you are and what you’re doing. Forget about comparing yourself to anyone else. Jump in, Be You and have no expectation. The rest will sort itself out.

And if you need someone to talk to, I’m right here >>>

I love You.

Love you,

Mrs Hollie Bakerboljkovac PACFA Reg. Clinical 25488

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2 Responses

  1. Natalee

    Hollie B – you express yourself so well. You hit “the nail on the head”. You sum it up perfectly. Your words, your openness .. always heartfelt, always true… make me realise that I an normal, what I feel is human… and OK. If I could verbalise life and the universe, it would be as you do. You manage to put pen to paper (or keyboard to computer screen) is such a way, that it flows from the soul, from the heart and mind, and it resonates with me. I love reading your words. You make me feel like me ..and my life… are ok. And that its ok to feel like I do, when I do, how I do. Love always…

  2. Julie Kruger

    Thank you so much for this – breathes a sigh that all is ‘normal’ x

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