What’s a Sigil and why do I need it?

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Yo Magick Maker, I’m stoked that you are looking for more info on Sigils. app.categories

Sigils make your Magick all the more power-full and can add an element of personalisation and deeper connection in what you are doing. They are different to ‘symbols’ in that they are not only a message of information – but they are actually a signature of a frequency and intention that you wish to achieve.

The way I learned it, Sigils are specifically crafted symbols designed to bring the frequency of your specific intention into your Spell work, with clarity and intensity. They are not pretty pictures as much as they are specifically designed seals of Magickal integrity.

A Sigil is an active statement to the Universe that ‘this is what I want and I’m ready to achieve it’.

There’s a hundred different ways to create them, but I use a method where I blend letters of the intentional word for the Spell as well as energetic designs. Add a bit of creative license and appropriate colours and vwhalah! You have a Sigil.

If you’re using my Spell Crafting App you will notice that different Spells that you build offer different Sigils. These are there for added oomph and clearer perspective. They’ve all been used in success-full Spell Work before for both my clients and my family. I know they work and that’s why I’ve shared them with you in the App.

If you want to connect deeper to the Working of your Spell during the casting phase (some Spells can go for many days) and keep your consciousness tuning into the purpose of your Spell, I suggest printing out your Sigil and putting it up somewhere in your house where you will see it regularly : like on the bathroom mirror or on the bedside table.


The more you can keep your focus on the important elements of your Magickal   Working the more you will align yourself to the frequency of what you want to achieve. ie. Your Spell will work faster!

Members of the Institute have access to a Sigil eBook in the Unit called Spell Crafting Foundations. It has large size copies of each of the Sigils used in the App, for printing out and sticking on the wall plus detailed instructions on how to create your own Sigils.

Hey, I’d love to see photos and hear stories about your success-full Magick Making. Be sure to share your pics and stories on the Institute Facebook page.

And may your Magick Making be bountiful.

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Hollie B. - Institute for Self Crafting

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