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Union Ceremony Creation Workbook DOWNLOAD

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A Workbook for creating a Union Ceremony that meaning-fully embodies the love and commitment of you, as a couple.

Includes directives to enable you to choose the perfect ceremony that reflects how you show up in the world as a couple, and how you will express and celebrate your love to the world.

As you work through the 42 pages, you will be guided to explore customs and traditions from your own and other cultures, gain deeper understanding of these traditions and choose which best shine the light of your relationship with your lover.

By the end of the workbook you will know the what, how and who that is required to create your individual and unique Union Ceremony.

Includes :

  • Guides for dreaming your Ceremony day
  • Questions for working out your desires for your Ceremony
  • Elemental ideas and customs for celebrating Union from all over the world
  • A collection of wedding readings
  • 2 x sacred rituals for happy marriage
  • 2 x sample Union Ceremonies
  • and so, so much information!


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This is a short workbook to inspire ceremony for couples who desire to celebrate their union in ways that are personally meaning-full. It is by no means a thorough discussion of the possibilities…. simply a whisper of what could be….

The booklet is written to couples who are working with Hollie B. to facilitate a Union Ceremony in their own relationship. It is also useful for couples planning their own Ceremony, and can be used as a workbook for clarifying ideas and intentions.

Even if you are not intending to hire Hollie B. for Ceremony work, you will find many great ideas that you could use yourself.


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