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Red Tent with Hollie B.

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The Red Tent is sacred space for women to enjoy the journey of Womanhood and the authentic Self.

At a Red Tent:

• You may share what’s in your heart
• You are not expected to do anything – rest and retreat!
• You will be nourished
• You will be heard
• You may express yourself
• You will connect with other Women who want to be with You, just because you’re You!

A Red Tent with Hollie B. is about tending the garden of your inner landscape. In this space we share, care and nourish our selves and other women. Signing up for a Red Tent is like planting the seed of your authentic possibility. By the time your Red Tent is complete, your internal  flowers will bloom!

Each Woman is invited to sit in her complete authenticity, to be true to her needs and desires, rather than be concerned with ‘what people think of me’ or worry about what is happening in day-to-day life.

After you’ve been to a Red Tent You will :

• have clarity around your aims and dreams
• developed tools for managing the month ahead
• include more amazing women as part of your tribe
• know yourself better
• feel that your cup is full!
• have had a beautiful time and lots of FUN!

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Regular Red Tents are held at Hollie’s Wellness Facility in Braidwood. Check here for more info  >>>


Get your friends together and book a Red Tent, facilitated by Hollie B., in your home.

Book a Red Tent at your own house here >>>

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At The Place in The Wilde adults $35, At The Place in The Wilde girls $30, At your house $420


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