Be Tooth Happy

$ 12.00

Natural powder to help in your Remineralisation protocol.

This is the only powder our family use.

Hollie and her children have had successful remineralisation and hardening of teeth, without dental intervention or fluoride treatment, by following a Be Tooth Happy protocol : Wellness Point #21 : love your teeth from the Self Crafted Wellness Journal.


I’ve made a few different tooth pastes and powders for my family, and finally we’ve settled on one we are happy with. Not all home-made tooth cleaners are created equally – in fact most of them taste crap! so we are stoked to have one that everyone in the house is happy with.

When my real food-natural-hippie friends heard we had a good thing going, they started asking me to make some for them. And then that kind of snow balled to asking on Facebook if anyone wanted any and then these batches just went crazy! And here you are. So first things first :

Hey – I’m not a medical practitioner so you’re not supposed to take anything I say here as medical advice. It’s just info for you to have a look at. Do your own research and get informed and see what happens! 

Ingredients :

Hydro Cal, Australian Bentonite Clay, Bicarb Soda, Spearmint Powder, Cinnamon Powder, Clove Powder, Himalayan Sea Salt

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