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She Who Learns the Truth is all about having the awareness to respect the world around us.

The ‘She Who Is’ Units are thirteen parts of a deep year-long course with the Cosmic Mamas.

This work was originally inspired by Jamie Sams’ book The 13 Original Clan Mothers, and has grown over the five years that I’ve been teaching with it, into the current format, tailored to respond and contribute to my own experience and culture of the Women’s Mysteries movement and the Rhythm of Life.

The integration of the Cosmic Mamas with the shamanic tools of Self Crafting have enabled the development of a thorough map for living a life, where integrity and authenticity take first place.

The Cosmic Mama Units appear in the middle of Turtle Labyrinth, as the central awareness for creating a life that sets you free. The Units are available as part of the annual R.E.b.E.L. Membership, or may be purchased as an all-in-one course or 13 Individual Units. Units are delivered via email each month. Each Unit contains :

  • Working details of this Cosmic Mama
  • Key teachings on the Rhythm of Life
  • Journal for this Cosmic Mama including guided reflection and processes
  • Guided Visioning
  • Creature Teacher Vision
  • Ceremony for this Cosmic Mama
  • A song for this Cosmic Mama (words and .mp3)
Cosmic Mamas
She Who Is : Cosmic Mama Journey -all-in-one

The ‘She Who Is’ Units are thirteen parts of a deep year-long course with the Cosmic Mamas.

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She Who Learns the Truth : Unit #CM1
She Who Learns the Truth : Unit #CM1

The ‘She Who Is’ Units are thirteen parts of a deep year-long course with the Cosmic Mamas.

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She Who Accepts the Truth is all about acceptance, and most of all, accepting yourSelf.

Shamanic Journeying uncovers ways to re-member the awesomeness we came here to Be. Working with the Cosmic Mamas will likely uncover shadows and fears that have been ignored or hidden in the past. And so this is a Journey of healing as much as learning. We find awareness to pay attention to the Self, acknowledge our ‘stuff’ when it reveals itself, have vision for a different direction, and make changes to welcome in a refreshed, healed Re-membered Self.

“When we heal ourselves, others are healed. When we nurture our dreams, we give birth to the dreams of humankind. When we walk as loving aspects of the Earth Mother, we become fertile, life-giving Mothers of the Creative Force. When we honour our bodies, our health, and our emotional needs, we make space for our dreams to come into being. When we speak the truth from our healed hearts, we allow life abundant to continue on our Mother Planet.” (J Sams, The 13 Original Clan Mothers, Harper Collins, 1994, p. 19.)

So the Cosmic Mama Journey is a dreaming space, a growing space, a healing space, a knowing space. We might think of this work akin to womb space, where a “woman and her dream can be supported when it is barely formed and still in the dark.” (J Shinoda Bolen, The Millionth Circle, Conari Press, 2003, p. 51.)

This is important for: “The womb space is the balance point of gravity in the human form and the power place of the physical realm found inside the body.” (Sams, op. cit., p. 21.)

She Who Gives Thanks for the Truth teaches us to live with attention to gratitude and the Maia Nie Heya concept to be in a state of grace.

The Cosmic Mama Units will :

  • take you on a journey of the heart and soul, through the 13 elements of individual Truth
  • guide you in developing a realationship with your innate power and wisdom
  • inspire you to honour your own Truth
  • engage your woman essence to support everyday sacred living
  • introduce you to a new way of spiritual Being
  • connect you with women all over the world who believe in conscious living, truth-full self and Being Real


The 13 Original Clan Mothers: Your Sacred Path to Discovering the Gifts, Talents and Abilities of the Feminine Through the Ancient Teachings of the SisterhoodI invite you to the Journey of the Cosmic Mamas. Founded in the teachings of Jamie Sams’ book The 13 Original Clan Mothers, plus a whole lot of my Indigo Self Crafting style thrown in. I’m confident in saying that there is no other course online that deals with Truth and Being the Way this one does.

Jamie Sams writes about the Clan Mothers from the perspective of her native land and story. Although this is a Indigenous American perspective, it is important to remember that the Clan Mothers are spoken about and similar stories told, in many cultures, including Indigenous Australia.

The Cosmic Mamas are the Original Cosmic Women, who came to this Earth to teach humans to Be. Leading by example, the Cosmic Mamas teach about being real, living our Truth, and to foster respect for All Living Things. They exist now in the ethereal, between the Worlds, traveling the Earth and the Stars, to guide the Peoples of the Earth to Re-member Living as One. They are healers, midwives, teachers, medicine women. They protect the values of compassion, love and peace, and share the sacred ways of Being. The Cosmic Mamas are sisters, mothers, grandmothers, and friends. They are present in the rivers, the trees and the animals. They are present in stone, in air, in flame. They are present in every Self.

A Journey with the Cosmic Mamas is a Journey with the Herstory of the world! This work contributes further awareness of the aspects of Human Being. We let go of what is no longer needed. We evolve in a space of loving support, and create the life we are here to enjoy.

She Who Lives the Truth is teacher of Life Eternal. She is unbound in her knowledge of the Earth’s cycles and reminds us to be One with the Earth and each other.

Although this Journey Experience is only for a short time relative to your lifetime (thirteen months), I’m sure you will find that the Cosmic Mamas will be at your side for much longer. A Journey with the Cosmic Mamas is an empowering way to focus and inspire your Self.

When you choose to take this course, each month you receive an email package, with notes, downloads, visualisations and more. Each month engages an individual Cosmic Mama – join at anytime.

I honour Jamie Sams in her work of writing. Each time I return to it, I find more depth, gain further insight and, really feel that the Truth of the Clan Mother/Cosmic Mama Wisdom is being remembered on earth right now. I celebrate this everyday, and am very grateful for all of the women who have come before in sharing this information, so that it is able to be passed along to the next generation.

May we hold this Wisdom forever more, not keeping it to ourselves, but passing it on so that it may nourish the next seven generations, and on and on. May humanity remember the Truth of Being. May we have peace on Earth.

Ohoi Nateya.

How to buy :

Three options : purchase as individual Units, OR make one all-in-one payment, or become a Member and get all the Units at the Institute for free.

Cosmic Mamas
She Who Is : Cosmic Mama Journey -all-in-one

The ‘She Who Is’ Units are thirteen parts of a deep year-long course with the Cosmic Mamas.

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She Who Learns the Truth : Unit #CM1
She Who Learns the Truth : Unit #CM1

The ‘She Who Is’ Units are thirteen parts of a deep year-long course with the Cosmic Mamas.

$ 25.00 Add to cart

How the Clan Mothers come to Be in this Journey Experience.

She Who Walks the Truth is all about walking your talk. She teaches how to walk with deep integrity and to cut the crap. (She’s my favourite of all!)

In 2011 when a group of Women asked me to present an ongoing course to help them Work with Sams’ book, I decided that in order to plan such a Journey Experience, I would need to get really clear around who we are, as Human Women, and who the Clan Mothers are.

At the time I decided to name the individual Clan Mothers differently from how Sams does in her book. Sams uses typically Native American names for the Clan Mothers, which I felt at the time, although relevant to Sams’ own perception, may limit our own idnetification with the Clan Mothers from our differing perspectives. I was aiming for a Journey Experience that could be relevant to Women of all ages and cultures, regardless of Place. In so doing, I adopted broader terms in naming the Clan Mothers, albeit still based on Sams’ Work. Each Clan Mother is named for her aspect of Truth eg. She Who Speaks the Truth, She Who Serves the Truth etc. Using the term ‘She Who …. “ is reminiscent of the common terminology in Goddess Work; naming the Feminine Divine “She Who Is” or “She Who Is of 10,000 names”. I hope this in itself is suggestive of how broad the Clan Mothers’ scope as Cosmic Women may reach.

Clan Mother Journey Experience : 2013I term the Clan Mothers ‘Cosmic Women’. They are neither Goddesses, nor Divas, nor ordinary Women. They are of the Earth and the Stars. They commune with All the Elements of Life and All things. They are One with the Great Mystery, or the Universe. In so Being they are Cosmic Women.

We too are Cosmic Women, as we Journey alongside the Clan Mothers/Cosmic Mamas, open to learn and willing to See Truth in a world that hides it a little too well at times. We endeavour to commune with the many Peoples of the Earth and the Stars. In our communications with the Peoples of the Earth and Star realm, we act as a pathway between the Worlds : we are the link between. We work with the elements of life. We are daughters, sisters, mothers and grandmothers.  Our blood flows all the way back to the first Women. We are the same. We are All One.

We understand the Clan Mothers/Cosmic Mamas to be the women who came from the Dreaming to walk on Planet Earth, to learn the ways of Being Human and then teach the Two-Legged Peoples about compassion and love and peace. These women, as the story goes, came in adult human form, and stayed for longer than a normal human lifetime, to learn the many ways of the Earth. In their time on Planet Earth, the Cosmic Mamas held the Knowledge of the Earth – how to heal and love and Be. When they left human form they left this information buried in the Earth, in what Jamie Sams calls the Turtle Lodge. The Wisdom of the Turtle Lodge is available to all women to access and share with the Planetary Family. So the Cosmic Mamas are not simply mothers and teachers, they are healers, sisters, and wise ones. By journeying with their wisdom, you too are taking a Journey of be-coming the same.


I’ve been teaching the work of the Cosmic Mamas since 2012, including one-off workshops at conferences, presentations on the elements of authenticity, online format and face-to-face year long groups. When I asked some women who participated in my 2012 CM course what they took away from the experience, here’s what they said :

Relationships between Jamie Sams' writing and the CMJE“I am one of the women working through the clan mothers experience. I have changed, grown, achieved such a knowledge of Self though this workshop. I recognise, respect and honour all parts of me, including the shadows that I spent decades hiding from. I have a connection to inner Me and a deeper connection to Mama Earth, that brings me joy every moment. I can’t just recommend this course, I have to say, from my experience, this course is vital for any woman who struggles with who they are, where they are going, what will make them happy. It is deep wisdom, a way to work out who you are, by working with those who have already walked before. The Clan Mothers teach us spiritual clarity, emotional balance and a self awareness of our own truths.

“I will also say that Hollie herself is an exceptional facilitator for this course. She has a sense of self and connection to spirit that is inspiring. Hollie deals with people with honesty and trust and in addition has a wickedbitch sense of humour that makes it a joy to work with her. “

~ Maree, Canberra, Australia


“This is a wonderful course and Hollie is a great facilitator – you couldn’t ask for anyone more talented!!!

“When I started this course, I had no idea who I was – in fact many years ago, when my children were small and things were getting on top of me, I asked my husband if I could have a weekend away by myself – a retreat if you would like,  to get to know the real me, as I – I never did get my weekend .

“This course has taught me a lot about myself, in fact, to quote from Caitlin Matthews book The Celtic Spirit – “The security of home does not derive solely from being in a “nice neighbourhood” or a beautiful environment; it comes in part from the innate sense of being at home with our soul.” – This passage resonated with me, as I feel I have come home to my soul and I know myself a lot better!!!”

~ Andrea, Canberra, Australia

Australian Goddess Conference 2013 IMG_3739 1907433_417655048337533_2091391722_n 13 Pathways to Individual Truth : coming up | Lunation | How the CMJE Works | Lunation



Would you like to explore the Cosmic Mamas further?

Purchase the stand-alone course here, or become a R.E.b.E.L. Member and have access to everything at the Institute for a year.

Cosmic Mamas
She Who Is : Cosmic Mama Journey -all-in-one

The ‘She Who Is’ Units are thirteen parts of a deep year-long course with the Cosmic Mamas.

$ 200.00 Add to cart
She Who Learns the Truth : Unit #CM1
She Who Learns the Truth : Unit #CM1

The ‘She Who Is’ Units are thirteen parts of a deep year-long course with the Cosmic Mamas.

$ 25.00 Add to cart

Love you,

Mrs Hollie Bakerboljkovac PACFA Reg. Clinical 25488

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