She’s my hero

I’ve met Hollie 7 years ago at my son’s Montessori school in Canberra. Since than we developed friendship and mutual appreciation of our holistic approach to life. It’s not surprise that in times that were personally challenging and I felt lost with an ongoing problems in my family overseas or developing a new business I seeked Hollie’s spiritual council. She was able to show me situations from a different angle and from outside the box. Her witty and often funny comments helped me see things differently and get trough the rough time until I had the need to see her again. This developed into a regular one on one sessions and transformed me from talking about childhood wounds into working with my creativity. I love what Hollie does with her work for women, community and public awareness. She’s my hero.
~ Petra, who was born in Czech and now lives in Canberra, Australia.


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