Motion is a movement class integrating Martial Arts, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Mobility, Restorative Exercise, Natural Movement and cutting edge methods for long term wellness.

This is the class you’ve been waiting for!

This is not a bootcamp, nor a fitness class. It doesn’t require special clothes, or shoes, and you will not be asked to Om…

Fact is, there’s actually as many ways to do health and fitness as there are people in the world.

This is a wellness class created exclusively to honour the changing seasons of every woman’s everyday life.

I’ll be sharing with you the ways to fit movement and the habits of wellness into the context of your already full life.

Women don’t need to “go hard” to be strong and healthful. We have enough to do already. We are already spreading ourselves thin enough with commitments, shoulds and the occasional Big Wild Dream (if you dare).

So really, a woman’s wellness journey requires flexibility, adaptability and dynamic awareness. This class encourages curiosity in and for your body. It’s supportive and functional and invites you to really anchor what it is to be in a woman’s body, right now.

This class recognises that Wellness happens via a series of appropriate responses to a woman’s constantly varying states of being.

We call those states : Motion.

Learn how to incorporate movement into your everyday life in useful, ways that benefit your wellness journey. Drawing on traditional martial arts concepts, combined with functional (scientifically supported) modern practice. Includes :

* movement that benefits your everyday
* movement that challenges your mind and body
* movement as nutritional experience
* movement that supports you in feeling secure in the world
* movement for regeneration
* movement for mindfulness
* movement for self development
* movement for better habits (in every area of your life)

This class is for women who wish to build confidence, healthy habits and joyful, autonomy everyday.

MOTION is a class offered at Braidwood Holistic Therapies, my Wellness Facility in Braidwood. Go here for more info >>>



About Hollie :

I am a Braidwood mum, wellness coach and counsellor/psychotherapist with a lifelong interest in healthy body, mind and spirit. The author of Self Crafted Wellness Journal, I teach classes and coach individuals in getting the most out of their lifestyle to enable overall long lasting wellness.

I started Martial Arts when I was four years old, receiving my first black belt age 9 (in Karate), and a senior 1st dan black belt age 16 (Tae Kwon Do). As a child my entire family was heavily involved in the Martial Arts world, with my dad a teacher (the Dojo was in our home for many years) and my mum taking care of administration, team banners and driving us to tournaments and events, every weekend, all over the region. I received many awards for competition fighting and artful technique (kata). At age 15 I began co-teaching our local TKD classes, and continued as an instructor until 18 when I moved to Canberra. In those teaching years I also attended the Women In Martial Arts Conference and many in-club training days and tournaments.

Moving to Canberra for University, I tried many different MA schools including Kung-fu, Kickboxing, different schools of Karate and weapons training. As a passionate feminist, I felt that all the schools I tried were not the kinds of places I wanted to spend my time, with too much ego, aggression and a lack of compassionate teaching. I spent some time in Kali Eskrima (Phillipino stick fighting) and received a double-grading within only a few weeks of training, but the school closed down after a few months, and I took it as a sign that my Martial Arts career had come to a pause.

Over the next few years I finished University and had children. Although I was not studying the physical arts, I studied other healing modalities such as Australian Bush Flower Essences, Homoeopathy, and Naturopathy, and was passionate about organic food. After my children were born I worked out at a women’s gym, where there was a boxing class. I felt I’d come home. I soon moved to a Crossfit and Martial Arts gym, and dove into HIIT, weightlifting, all things Crossfit, Kickboxing and Boxing.

When my family moved to Braidwood in 2012 I spent a few years recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and other associated autoimmune issues. You can read about my journey of self-healing here and listen to the full story here. I now know more about health, wellness, muscle building, and recovery than I ever knew when I received my black belt twenty years ago.

I was approached by a local woman about teaching Self Defense classes in Braidwood, which then turned into regular Martial Arts classes, and I jumped at the opportunity. Here is a way for me to blend everything I know and have experimented with myself, in order to use it to help others. I can’t imagine a better way to be a contribution to the community!

These classes will be unlike anything else. I just can’t do the “MacDojo” thing, where people are processed through the belts by how many classes they attend and the art is ignored. Motion will not have belts, nor will it have a hierarchy. You can expect some cutting edge ideas and practices, all backed by science. It is an ongoing journey for self development in mind, body and spirit, just as dojos traditionally were built to be.

I’m really looking forward to joining together with women who desire to use the tools of wellness, not only for Self Defense, but for overall Self Development. I can’t wait to find out what we can create together.


The article Motion : Self Defense as Self Development was published by Hollie B., for the Institute for Self Crafting.

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