How do people, who are ready for a bigger and better world, with busy lifestyles and busier aspirations, who are ethical, wholehearted and authentic, live a life of unlimited, unbound potential, full of creativity and everything you dream could be possible?

I can help you stop the chaos and get in rhythm with your best Self.


Are you :

  • willing to be more than mediocre?
  • tired of the status quo?
  • looking for a magickal, intention-filled REAL life of awesomeness?
  • unsure of how to actually have a balanced life?
  • ready to embrace change?

If you can say yes to at least three of those questions, you’re exactly my favourite people to work with.

Let’s generate a better world!


How can I be a contribution to you?

I’m Hollie Bakerboljkovac, a registered counsellor, a wellness coach and an authenticity mentor (yeah, I came up with that last term myself! ). More about me here >>>

I can teach you really helpful tools to get you living the life you’ve always dreamed of, straight away.

Together, we’ll take the world you imagine, and empower you to turn that into a reality!

Also, you probably need to know that I don’t bullshit people, try to be fancy or pretend I have all the answers. I’ll be real with you, deliver from integrity and together, we’ll make magick.

I’m available for consultation in person or online.



*** WARNING ***

These sessions could change your life!



Individual Sessions



Try Me

A free 15 minute phone session to find out if we are the perfect fit.

Meet me, we can have a quick chat about what you’re looking for and, we can decide whether we are the best fit for each other?

This 15 minute session is video via Zoom.

Book your Try Me Session here >>>



Sessions with Hollie B.

Tools and transformative processes to create a life that sets you free.

I provide a caring space to explore what’s really going on for you, and I can show you how to get to where you want to be.

Together, we can look at any area of your life, follow the energy and take a journey into your inner landscape to help you clear whatever is in your way to becoming everything you want to Be.

You can think of me as a Lifestylist for R.E.b.E.L.s and people who desire to create a life that sets you free.

Initial Sessions are $125 for 75 minutes.

Ongoing Sessions are $95 for 50 minutes.

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Person-to-person or Zoom Consultations available

For enquiries :


Book online here >>>



Intensive Programs

If you’re ready to Self Craft your Life to a reality beyond what you’ve ever imagined, I invite you to apply to work with me in an intensive program (3 or 6 months), which includes coaching, therapy, education, and products for making your Big Wild Dreams real. This is the best way to get as much value from the Self Crafting model as possible, and take action in your life.

If you’re ready to become the ultimate version of yourself, check out the Self Crafted Life Programs >>>



I’m available to conduct your Ceremony.

A Ceremony is the marking of an event in a sacred manner. It is a conscious intention of energy and honouring of a specific time in one’s life.

I’ve had the pleasure of facilitating sacred space for ceremonies that honour birth, first blood, union, the changing seasons of nature and Self and endings / end-of-life. It is special work, and humbling as I get to know the family and the individuals involved in marking the sacred time.

Any special event you choose to make sacred can be a ceremony. We will meet prior to your ceremony to discuss your thoughts and inspirations around your event. Then we’ll consult up to your ceremony day, so that your event will be everything you want it to Be.

Read more here >>>





A speaker and educator at your event

I’ve been talking and teaching in front of all group sizes for the past 20+ years. I’m an animated speaker with motivational qualities and the ability to make complex topics simple to understand. My topics focus on health, wellness and personal development, the framework of Self Crafting. More here >>>





Oh Golly, how do I choose?

I know right, there are many possibilities on offer at the Institute for Self Crafting!

Every thing you ever desire to know is available to you. It might seem like woo woo when I say it, except that you totes know more than you think you do.

Have you ever had that feeling when you meet a person that something’s not right? Somewhere, from in your gut your body sends you a message “watch out, this person is not awesome.”

What about when you enter a room and there’s a heaviness inside that suggests something not nice just happened? You find out later that the other people in the room had just had an argument or someone had said something rude to another person…

That heavy feeling is your inner radar that knows more than you think you do. When you work with it (by following the feeling) instead of against it (by ignoring your gut and telling yourself you are wrong) you have access to awareness that can guide you to make the decisions that are right for you.

Read more about the “How do I choose?” Tool online >>>