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7 Days of Creative Transformative Processes | Luantion

So You have gone through the first 3 Steps, and You’re ready to Create the New Way for yourSelf, Yeah?


Creative Transformative Processes are all about finding Ways to Vision your future to make it Real. This process doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact, the more simple You can make it the better.

The following posts in this series highlight different Visioning techniques I’ve used for mySelf and for Women in my Circles to help Create Sacred Spaces and move along your Path to Purpose.

Everyone has a Purpose. You’ll find it by following your Truest Heart’s Desire. So follow your dreams dear heart, and keep your path clear of blockages. That’s how You live your Divine Purpose, and You get to have a freaking Awesome Life!

Creative Transformative Process #1

Sensory Vibing is all about feeling with your senses in order to create physical sensations to move You forward on your Path to Purpose.

Touch it. Smell it.

Taste it. See it. Hear it.

Here are two options for Sensory Vibing that I use regularly. You’ll also find a list of other possiblities below.

7 Days of Creative Transformative Processes | Lunation

Sand Art

We have a tray of coloured Sand. It’s Purple and Blue Sand and it’s in a Pink Tray. The purple and Blue is all about relax and clear and empower. The Pink tray is so that this Work we do is surrounded in Love.

Sand Art is a great tool for Creative Transformation because You can write, draw, make whatever with it, and when You don’t need it anymore, You can wipe it away. You can :

  • set your Vision into the Sand and throw it to the Universe
  • pour sand onto Mama Earth in symbols that speak of your future Life
  • write letters to your future self in the sand
  • create artworks then wash them away, showing the Universe that You trust Her to bring You the Perfect Life

Using your finger to create images and words means You feel the process physically and it is anchored into your body. Your body remembers everything, so what better Way to build your Sacred Life than to anchor it into your body!

To make your own coloured sand : grab some of those big side-walk chalk sticks in any colour. Grate finely. Mix with fine salt or white beach sand. Done!


7 Days of Creative Transformative Processes | Lunation

The Box of Feeling

We have a Peace Basket in our Out-of-School-Room. It is a focal point for relaxing, retreating and Being. One of the activities in this Basket is The Box of Feeling. It’s a big tupperware container full of coloured rice, lavender, sandalwood, Himalayan Crystal Salt, sweetgrass, small Stone People and tiny shells. I find this activity to be really awesome in the Healing Process. So after Step 3 when You’ve Cleared and your sorta hanging in the Void, it’s fabulous to sit down with the box of Feeling and just bring in the good vibes again.

Here’s a quick pictorial for how we made the coloured rice :

7 Days of Creative Transformative Processes | Lunation

Methylated Spirits : Food Dye : Rice : Zip Lock Bags

7 Days of Creative Transformative Processes | Lunation

Mix Metho and Food dye in a Zip Lock Bag. The Metho helps the water-based dye mix through, without making the Rice soggy

7 Days of Creative Transformative Processes | Lunation

Add Rice. Zip up bag. Mix through.

7 Days of Creative Transformative Processes | Lunation

Spread Rice on a tray or foil to dry

7 Days of Creative Transformative Processes | Lunation

Make each colour seperately and when dry mix together

7 Days of Creative Transformative Processes | Lunation

Mix with whatever other Sensory bits to create a box of calm and relax : relaxing Botanicals, Stone People, Essential oils etc.


We have a little wooden spoon in The Box of Feeling for sifting through and finding the little beauty-full objects that are hidden inside. I also like to get my hands in there are let the objects and the rice run through my hands. This is all about getting in the Vibe of Sensation. Clearing the mind and taking the Self to a Space where You can just Be.

The state of Being is Real. You are now in your New Way. It feels good doesn’t it? And so, Transformation has occurred.

I’m sure there are at least one hundred other Ways You can get Sensory Vibing to Work as a Creative Transformative Process for You. How about:

  • Cook something with your intention for your New Way
  • Eat foods that represent the flavour of your New Way
  • Listen to music or make music that represents your New Way
  • Concoct a blend of Essential oils that will automatically snap You into your New Way of Being when You smell them (the olfactory senses are good for that)
  • Come up with other Ways and share them in the comments below

Enjoy the Vibe dear heart.

Hollie B. | Indigo Mama and Awesome Wife | Lunation

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