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Red Tent Circles with Hollie B.

You may know that I’ve been holding the Space for Canberra Red Tents for a number of years. Previous to using the name ‘Red Tent’ I had been holding Women’s only Spaces in other formats, including other Circles, Workshops, ‘Priestess Training’ and, my absolute favourite; We the Temple of the Moon, where we would present Journey Experiences for Women in relationship to the ‘Dark Goddess’.

I chose to go with Red Tent Circles because they provided a Space for Women simply to Be – rather than having to Do. I was looking for Work that could be branded in such a way that Women would know immediately what it was all about – as an Indigo, People don’t always get You!

Women have experienced the Red Tent Space as Healing and transformative without the need to Do anything – just Being. My Circles always followed a general format, and didn’t deviate too far from the usual plan, although the content was different, due to the nature of the changes in the lunar story, and the energy on the Earth at the time. Also, the Women made the Space their own – and so whoever was there in any given month helped in creating the energy – no two Circles have ever been the same.

There were always a number of ‘extras’ I wanted to bring into the Circles, but couldn’t do it all on my own. Ok, so You all know I do a lot of stuff, but I didn’t want to break the quality of the Circles – which were flowing Perfectly well as they were – just because my Indigo Self needs more – new – more – yet again!

Enter 2012. We moved house – and state – and we started the Out of School (that’s the short version of the How My Entire Life Changed With One Major Decision epic novel that I’ll probably never publish). My focus was very different. And Red Tents had to go on hold.

Then my sweet friend Rachel called and said – “uhm, I really want Circles back – will You do them again if I promise to Work with You and You won’t have to organise anything – just come and do your thing?!” How could I say no?

So, throughout 2012 I have shared facilitation of the Red Tent Space with my friend Rachel Vines. Rachel is a doula, a breathworker and an amazing Woman. We have loved Working in the Red Tent together. So much so that we’ve sat down over a few meetings and decided that we will continue Red Tents together in 2013. We will be joining together again with a more distinct intention for Red Tents, and what we believe is a fabulous – monthly – focus. Yes, yes, we are back to monthly in 2013

Along with the Awesome Hollie and Rachel team that will be rocking the world of Canberra Red Tents next year, I can also announce that there is more to the team! I have begun Work with two Women  – the Lunation Novas – as new Lunation facilitators. Anastasia and Leigh are Amazing and I absolutely love their guts! They will be Working with me over the coming months and bringing their own Awesome-ness in for a heap of new projects – Lunation style. Each Woman already holds her own bag of tools, and is looking to the Nova training as personal preparation to step out into the World of public facilitation for Women’s Mysteries in their own Work.

So this is totally exciting because it means I can offer all the things that have been brewing – but I didn’t know how to do it with just me. You See, I put it out there to the Great Mystery that I would feel much more supported in in this Work I’m here to do, if I have a team who could bring in their own Awesomeness and Work alongside me. I was going with the flow, and waiting until the Perfect Women presented themselves. Vwa-lah! Novas!

So now as I write to You we have dates for Red Tent Experiences for 2013. We also have dates for ‘Magenta Tent’ Experiences, a special and Sacred Space for girls.

But to share anything else about what we’re offering, to show You where we are going, we must first explain where we’ve been!

So over the next few days I intend to write a few articles about the Red Tent Experience, Lunation-style, and fill You in on all of the details for next year!

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