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Red Tent Circles with Hollie B.When I started facilitating Women’s Circles with the name of Red Tent, it was with the Vision to bring Canberra into the worldwide phenomenon that is celebrating Women’s Mysteries and Women’s Space. I’ve been holding Women’s only Space for much longer than I’ve been using the Red Tent Circles, however the Red Tent name was about honouring the movement that I knew at the time was spreading across the planet, in particularly the Western World.

Throughout the 2 and a half years that I was holding regular Red Tents (two per month – booked out!) I became aware of a film being made in the US called Things We Don’t Talk About : The Red Tent Movie. There was no way I could let that go by without some serious support! So from the moment I heard of the film, I supported the fundraising for the filmmaker, Isadora Leidenfrost, in numerous ways. I have one of the beautiful individual artist plaques, which were a limited edition run and sit in Red Tent Temples all over the world now. I ran fundraisers in the Circles. I screened the preview. Due to all of this, I received a screening pack from Isadora with the intention of holding a film screening in Canberra.

When the film was set to release, I found myself with a serious injury and was unable to time a screening to happen inline with the other Australian premiere screenings (hosted by Red Tent Dreaming and the School of Shamanic Midwifery). In the midst of that, my friend Jane Hardwicke Collings contacted me and invited me to speak on the Sydney Panel of Women’s Mysteries Facilitators at the Sydney film screening. Perfect timing – I was walking again!

This was also Perfect Timing because while sitting on my couch with my leg up-in-the-air for so many weeks, I’d had plenty of time to get clear around how I wanted to move the Canberra Red Tents forward for 2013 and what I was wanting to offer in the Experience.

So, having already viewed the film on my special supporter’s copy, I shot off to Sydney to take part in the beauty-full Sydney Red Tent Dreaming event that was.  My friend Rachel also came along with her 16 year old daughter. By the end of the day of Woman Space and film, Rach and I were buzzing with plans. Oh yeah!

And so, I had a heap of focus, I needed to screen the film to my Canberra Red Tent Women, and Rachel and I were full of ideas after getting some new  inspiration in Sydney.

There’s still one key to the renewed Red Tent Experience focus which I haven’t mentioned, and in a way it is the most important story of all. It helped me to get clear around the healing possibilities of the Red Tent. It helped me to See where there is still so much room for transformation in Women’s Spaces. And it inspired me to get very specific about the type of ‘Experience’ I want to facilitate for the Red Tent – to really help these Circles stand out and Be something deep for every Woman.

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