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As a service to the forward momentum of the Red Tent Movement in Australia and the world, I’m always looking for ways to express just what the circle “is.” Explaining what we “do” will never explain the feeling. Describing the “type” of women who attend will never describe the essence. (And by the way, all types of women attend a Red Tent!)

It’s the kind of thing that needs to be prefaced with a “You just have to try it!”, but then it seems a bit secretive or empty…. I’d rather run a full page advert than keep the magick of Red Tent a secret!

For the sake of simplicity, here is a list of seven reasons why I Red Tent. Perhaps it will help fill understanding of the many needs that are meant in a simple Circle. When Women meet, we are not only giving a gift to ourselves. We are doing work that affects all the people we meet from that moment onward. It’s what my friend thea Gaia calls “the spot-fire”.

Our little circles, our discussions, our sharing and creations are like little spot-fires, igniting and sparking the hearts of the women who are present. With enough energy to fuel it (ie. enough continued sharing and connection between authentic women), a spot-fire will take off on it’s own accord (ie. the Red Tent Movement). Many spot-fires will eventually join together, burning bright as a bush-fire. That’s what happens when we come together. It’s what happened for the Suffragettes. It’s what happened in the 60s. It’s what happened in the 80s in the church in Australia. It’s what happens every time a Red Tent is held.

Red Tent women are each facilitators of something very special. Whether it’s the woman who called the circle, or a first time attendee, we are all adding to the energy that will create a bush-fire of women’s healing that our entire planet needs.

Here are the seven reasons why I Red Tent.

  1. In gratitude to the women who have come before, who created these spaces before, and who inspire me every day
  2. I crave “Real People” who are willing to be authentic – however that looks : and I find those willing people in the Red Tent.
  3. We live the cycles together in our relationships – the births, deaths, and all the living in between
  4. It is a vessel to hold stories that may not have a space to be shared elsewhere
  5. The layers of inspiration drawn from the women in the Red Tent is ever unfolding
  6. Red Tent fosters compassion and care in communities
  7. I have made amazing life-long friends, who I may never have met otherwise

Why do you Red Tent? Share your thoughts in the comments below.







  1. Carole

    I do red tent because it feeds my soul. It allows me to exercise my compassion muscle. It reminds me who I truly am. It is healing my relationship to women now and women who came before me. I am post menopausal and red tent is helping me grieve what could have been had I known this wonderful knowledge before I stopped bleeding.

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