Pay What You Can Afford Model

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PWYC Model

The Pay What You Can Afford (PWYC) model is a revenue structure increasingly being adopted by businesses who value compassionate co-contribution. PWYC is viewed as an aspect of the blessing economy.

This model simply lets the consumer decide what they wish to pay for the product or service.

For any event listed on the Calendar as PWYC, I ask for a base amount of $10, meaning that all attendees must contribute at least $10 when they come to a Red Tent.

What you pay after that is up to you. And no one will see, because it all goes into the box provided.

There is room for gifting in this model, so that someone who can afford to pay more than others may choose to do so in order to support those with less financial freedom. In this way, we are creating community in more than one way.

The PWYC model also allows attendees to pay with other forms of economy, such as excess garden produce, creative services, and other swaps.

I understand that some people find this model a bit confronting because they really would prefer to simply be told ‘how much it costs’. So, as a guide, I will tell you that in the past my Red Tent Circles have been charged at $35 per person.

Blessed Be and Blessed Do.




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