Seven years of cellular transformation looks like me being stronger and healthier at age 35 than ever before.

Self Crafted Wellness means having a balance in your Mental, Physical, Emotional, Environmental and Spiritual Life.

I teach Wellness from the lense of the Rhythm of Life, where each section of the map can give you all the information you need to take control of your own health and create a blueprint to create a life that is balanced, joyful and free, for always!

I know it sounds too good to be true! I am my own case study, and many of my friends and family have let me experiment on them too!

Eight years ago I was so sick that I couldn’t walk more than a few metres without having to crawl (read more about my health journey here). After too long relying on “The Professionals” to tell me how to get better, I took a deep dive into ancestral health and wellness, and applied what i learned to every aspect of my life. Now, I’m stronger and healthier than I was at 20, and I have the tools to stay well into my elder years.



Self Crafted Wellness Radio

The Self Crafted Wellness Radio show is a place to explore Wellness through the lens of cutting edge science, circadian biology, mitochondrial function and evolutionary wisdom. Learn how you can get more Wellness in your own life… and be amused … entertained… your life may never be the same again!



Self Crafted Wellness Journal $40

I’ve created a workbook journal to help you design your own wellness blueprint. It includes the 52 points of Wellness, and is embedded with proven tools to create good habits and stick to them.

Find out more about the Wellness Journal here >>>



Wellness Sessions

Sessions are available with me locally in Braidwood and online.

You will fill out a detailed intake form before the session, and send it back to me. After I’ve viewed the form, we will spend a one hour session addressing where you need to focus and what you can do to Self Craft Optimal Wellness. For people who desire to get real about being Well, but not really sure where to start.

After we’ve had the Audit, you may decide that continuing to work closely with me will help you on your journey. Purchase a bulk set of 8 x 1hour sessions, and I will work with you, coaching you to Self Craft your Optimal Wellness. Allow two-three months in total to work through these sessions.

This from a client who had a Wellness Session after recently receiving a “dire” diagnosis from “The Professionals” :::

“Our conversation last night still has my head spinning this morning 😀 just….thank you. I really hadn’t grasped how far my mindset and mood had shifted towards dust. I’ve really worn myself down and had just accepted that decay and sadness were all that was left now and it was all just a waiting game, and that was it. The conversation moved me back to a place where there is a choice. I’m shaking. I do feel worn out, but I’m not feeling like I don’t have any options now. You’ve given me such a gift. Hope. I’ve got no words. Thank you. Just Thank you so much xxxxxxxxx” ~ Leeor, QLD.



Rhythm of Wellness $350

An exploration of the Rhythm of Life.

Discover how to balance your body, mind and self, in flow with the cycles of nature’s wisdom. Includes physical, emotional, mental, environmental and spiritual health : each necessary in a balanced, nourished life of ease and pleasure.

Self Crating Wellness means being 100% responsible for our own health and wellbeing, understood via the cycles of life. This course explores ancestral health through the lens of humans’ connection to nature. Nature is the teacher, our ancestors are the guides.

See here for the next Rhythm of Wellness Course >>>


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May your days be healthy and your years be well,

Love you,

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